Regular Monthly Meeting –January 13, 2010

Regular Monthly Meeting –January 13, 2010


Bill Zinck Jr., Mike Heisler, Brenda Mulrooney, Jo-Ann Grant and Iris Tolliver
Regrets: Phil Ellwood
There were 2 members of the public present.
The meeting was called to order by Bill Zinck at 7:00. Brenda Mulrooney introduced from the audience, Erin Bowden, CAO of the Municipality of Chester.

Additions to the agenda.
Chester “comfort station” was added to New Business

Minutes from the previous meeting:
Brenda Mulrooney moved to adopt the minutes from the November 10, 2009. The motion seconded by Mike Heisler. All were in favor.

Old Business:

Lido Pool/Public Washrooms update
Brenda Mulrooney gave an update on the progress of the Lido/Public Washroom project. Christmas did slow down the process somewhat as well as a number of glitches. She has a copy of the surveyed land that the building will be sitting on and will be presenting it to the Municipality council meeting tomorrow. The Municipality will need to determine what arrangement they wish to enter into with regards to the building set- backs that encroach and or straddle lands owned by them. There is also an issue of overhead utility lines that will need to be re-routed. The Commission will be meeting with NS Power, Aliant, Eastlink and Chester Electrical on Tuesday to determine the best course. Placing the wires underground had been considered and then dismissed due to the excessive cost.

Village of Chester Logo Contest
Whereas the Village of Chester does not currently had a logo, the Commission wishes to sponsor a contest in the efforts to find a basic design that could be “tweaked” by professional graphic artists. This is still in the preliminary stages and so the agenda item was tabled until the next monthly meeting.

Streetlights in the Village
There have been a number of streetlights that needed to be repaired recently. Mike Heisler volunteered his time on-going to monitor the lights in the Village and report the ones to be replaced by NS Power to the Clerk Treasurer.

New Business:
Village Water System

Jo Ann Grant wished to advise the Commission on an ongoing project that the Municipality has been looking at developing since 1967. As Chair of “Chester Charts It’s Course”, she reported that there is a development plan and that VOCTADA members would be meeting with consultants on January 18 to discuss various alternatives. She will have a draft of the meeting for the Commission’s next monthly meeting. Mr. Zinck then suggested tabling the discussion until Feb 10.

Village Waste System
Bill Zinck met with Jennifer Veinotte, Recycling Coordinator with the Municipality, to discuss having the Commission’s input into new stations that will be purchased by the Municipality. The Clerk Treasurer will forward a copy of an email received from Jennifer for the Commission’s consideration.

Fire Wells
Brenda Mulrooney questions the locations of the Village fire wells. The only remaining fire well is on Pig Loop Rd.

New Fire Truck
Bill Zinck addressed Fire Chief Duke about the reserves for a new fire truck. We depleted the previous reserves during the last fiscal year and while there is an amount of 4150K budgeted to go to reserves this fiscal year, he asked that the truck committee be on hold for another year. He would like to wait one more year before beginning to look for a new truck. One question he would like addressed is where a new truck could be housed. There was no answer to that concern. Billy then asked that members of the Fire Department survey the buildings in the community to determine what exactly is the need for an aerial truck and present a report that could then be presented to the rate payers. Zinck said what the Commission would really like to do is to look at replacing the existing Fire Hall. He said that a Fire Hall committee exists made up of Mike Heisler and himself, and that Brenda Mulrooney would be added to that committee. He asked Duke to form a committee of 3 from within the senior offices. Duke advised him there was an existing committee of 5 members. Billy asked him to select 3 of the 5 to form a joint committee of a total 6. He also asked Duke to see him after the meeting to set a date for a meeting.

Economic Development Officer
A request has come from the Chamber of Commerce, asking for a signature of support on a letter to the municipal council regarding the creation of an economic development officer staff position. The letter was reviewed and Jo-Ann Grant motioned to grant permission, seconded by Brenda Mulrooney. All were in favor and the motion carried.

Comfort Centre
Brenda Mulrooney asked if there was a designated comfort centre in the Village in case of an ice storm or prolonged power outage. Duke informed her that because of the stairs and the issue with staffing the center, the Fire Station could not qualify, although we do have a generator. The closest Comfort Station is Chester Basin Legion.

A list of correspondence received since the last meeting was presented by Iris Tolliver.

Fire Chief’s Report
Fire Chief Chafe read his report to the audience: “Since the last commission meeting on Nov. 10/09, I have logged in 202 hours in callouts, practices, meetings and fire dept. business. We have had a busy 2 months with 18 callouts consisting of 3 MVA’S, 3 practices, 3 mutual aid calls, 2 alarms, 1 medical assist, 1 vehicle fire, 1 power pole fire, 1 controlled burn, 1 chimney fire, 1 shed fire (which was caused by improper disposal of ashes in a green cart) and 1 callout to a sinking boat at the government wharf.
We are fortunate to have the provincial government offering an Emergency Services Provider Fund again this year with the chance to have assistance of up to $25,000. I have taken advantage of this offer and submitted an application for assistance with various pieces of equipment. Unfortunately there is only $500,000 allotted for the whole province.
I reported at the September meeting about the time consuming Landfill fire and after confirming the blaze was caused by products from an outside contract, I submitted a bill of expenses that we incurred that day and finally we have been reimbursed through the landfill. A report of the allocation of funds, along with a cheque to cover expenses such as bunker gear decontamination, foam and apparatus use has been presented to the commission. After reviewing this report, please feel free to contact me if you have any questions regarding this matter.

Truck Report
No report.

Ladies Auxiliary Report:
No report.

Fire Advisory Report:
Bill Zinck Jr announced the next meeting date.

Financial Report:
A two month report was presented by the clerk treasurer. Mike Heisler moved to accept the report, seconded by Brenda Mulrooney and all were in favor.
There were no questions.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:05 pm.

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