Regular Monthly Meeting –September 14, 2011

               Village of Chester  

 Regular Monthly Meeting –September 14, 2011




Bill Zinck Jr., Brenda Mulrooney, Tom Mulrooney Mike Heisler, Jo-Ann Grant and Iris Tolliver

Regrets:  None

There were 3 members of the public present.


Additions to the agenda.

Halloween to Old Business.

Minutes from the previous meeting:

The minutes from July 13, 2011 were circulated and reviewed.   Bill Zinck   moved  to accept the minutes, seconded by Tom Mulrooney .  All were in favor and the motion carried.



  Old Business:

Winter Wreaths.

An ad will be place in the Bulletin as well on the website calling for prices to supply, install and remove the wreaths in the Village this year.  Closing date for accepting prices will be October 12, 2011 and the winner of the contract will be announced at the next monthly meeting.



Due to time constraints with advertisements,  the Census will be on hold until next summer.  The Clerk Treasurer will send an email to EDM asking that the link for the census remain on the website in the meantime.


LED Lights

An audit of the LED lights in the Village has shown there are 3 missed poles.  Black and MacDonald has been notified and they can supply and install the remaining lights at a cost of $2575 + HST.  Tom Mulrooney motioned to purchase the extra 3 LED lights and have them installed on the missed poles.  The motion was seconded by Mike Heisler, all were in favor and the motion carried.  Further to this discussion, it was decided to obtain pricing on customized identification markers to be place on all the poles that have LED lights owned by the Village of Chester.


Deed for Shore Rd.

The registered deed for the vacant portion of Shore Rd that is adjacent to the Public Washroom has been provided by  Peter Luczak, BA, LLB. with the law firm of Burke, MacDonald & Luczak in Lunenburg.  Art Bachman has been asked to show the position of the new building on the survey.  Once this step has been completed, it is expected that the Municipality of Chester will  migrate the intended piece of property to the Village.


Public Washrooms/Lido Pool

-Awning.  Brenda Mulrooney requested the awning be winterized.

-Lock Box.  Brenda Mulrooney also requested that a lock box be purchased for the thermostat at the Public Washrooms.

-Motion Sensor Lights.  Brenda Mulrooney will call Kyle Gates to verify the outside sensor lights are working properly.  It was also decided to purchase motion sensors for the lights inside the washrooms.

-The issue of strong unpleasant odour was discussed with Chester Plumbing and Electrical.  A solution is being considered.

-Brenda Mulrooney advised that the wind often catches the door and requested a door stop be installed.

-Water making.  Paul Mulrooney has been volunteering to make fresh water at the washrooms.  The fresh water supply has run out on occasion and there was considerable discussion on a solution.

-Security Cameras.  A fire extinguisher was stolen off the Fire Boat at the wharf.  There is a security camera pointed directly at the boat.  It was decided to contact the RCMP to come view the tapes and pursue charges.  There was discussion as to who should be allowed to view the tape and it was decided to allow the RCMP only to view.  There was an incident with bark mulch being placed in one of the toilets in the women’s washroom.  The tapes will be viewed to find who is responsible for this also.


New Business:


Sub Committee for Lido Complex

Tom Mulrooney motioned to establish a sub committee to care for the Lido Pool Complex.  The motion was seconded by Bill Zinck Jr.  All were in favor and motion carried.  The committee should be made up of 2 Commissioners and 2 members of the community who have knowledge on the water system, etc.  It was decided to advertise for interested on to come forward.


Request from Dr. Curry re Pleasant St Ext. (adjacent to Jib Lot)

Bill Zinck Jr motioned that the Commission write a letter to Dr. Curry in favor of allowing him to clear trees on the property that runs adjacent to the Jibb Lot, with the exception of trees the Commission would like to keep standing.  The motion was seconded by Tom Mullrooney and all were in favor.  Brenda Mulrooney agreed to meet with Dr. Curry to discuss which trees should be left standing.  The portion of land is the unused part of Pleasant St that runs down to Victoria.


Web Address

Bill Zinck Jr motioned that a banner sign be installed under the office sign at the office on Queen St.  The sign will advertise the web address of the Village of Chester Commission.  The motion was seconded by Mike Heisler, all were in favor.


Insurance Benefits

Hand books for the accident insurance for the Commissioner were handed out.  There was a request to get a cost to cover the Commissioners for medical benefits.


Business for discussion:

  • Fire Boat- The Commission would like the Fire Boat launched each year as soon after the lobster boat and traps come out. and taken out in the fall as weather permits.  Tom Mulrooney volunteered to contact the Municipality to discuss the floats at the Government wharf, which is where the Fire Boat is tied.
  • Banner signs in Village- Tom Mulrooney suggested that Jo-Ann Grant ask that there be a deposit required for anyone putting up banners in the Village at the next PAC meeting.
  • Security Guard – The parking spaces that are posted as 12 hours are being abused.  There are designated spots for the residences of Tancook, but there are also spots that are for public use.  The Clerk Treasurer was asked to write a letter to the Municipality asking that the parking signs be enforced.   There will also be a letter sent on behalf of the Fire Chief over concerns with parking on the west side of Duke St below Pleasant St.
  • Property Taxes – Tom Mulrooney asked the Clerk to perform a trial run to verify the program for property taxes.  She will be enlisting the assistance of the Clerk Treasurer from Kingston.
  • Conflict of interest concerns-With the proposed amendments to the Municipal Government Act by the Association of Nova Scotia Villages, the concerns have all been addressed.



                        Correspondence July 14 to Sept 14, 2011

NS Mun Finance Corp

Annual report.

Municipality of Chester

Notice from PAC re the appointed of Jo-Ann Grant as member representing the village commission.

Municipality of Chester

Recreation grant application


LED Holiday light exchange program application.  The program requires that residents bring in two sets of the old incandescent holiday lights to a scheduled community tree lighting ceremony in exchange for one set of energy efficient LED lights.  If you are interested in hosting a LED holiday light exchange, return app by Oct 14. (The Commission is interested in participating in this and the item was tabled until next meeting)

Scotia Business Centre Limited

Annual rate increase will take effect as of Dec 1/11.  New monthly fee will be 223.50.

Atlantica Hotel and Marina (Oak Island)

Invitation to join in the presentations of various recognition plaques and service awards for first responders.  (A letter of support with a the purchase of two tables will again be sent, Jo-Ann Grant will represent the Commission again this year)

Municipality of Chester

Re: issues at Pumping Station 2, 40 Victoria Road.

Municipality of Chester

Letter from Fire Inspector re the inspection and correction required at Lido.  Also enclosed is a Fire Safety Plan to be completed and forwarded back to his office.

Email from Health Centre Info

Memo concerning the Healthy Community Resource Centre meeting being held at Forest Heights School on Wed., Sept 21, 2011.

Purpose of the meeting is to present the next step in determining whether the physical plant for the centre can be funded.  There will be opportunity to informally discuss the visual concept.

Village of Pugwash

Media Release – update of the application to dissolve the Village of Pugwash.

Bill Zinck moved to accept the correspondence, seconded by Mike Heisler.  All were  in favor.


Fire Chief’s Report

Since the last commission meeting on July 13/11, I have logged in 205 hours in callouts, practices, meetings and fire department business.  Over the past 2 months we have had 20 calouts consisting of 8 alarms, 4 structure fires and 1 call to return to the structure fire to souse some hot spots.  Unfortunately the MBA was a single vehicle rollover that resulted in one fatality, the lone occupant of the older model 1 ton motor home.  The Labor Day weekend structure fire which was on the Mersery Commector sent 2 residents to hospital each with burns on approximately 20 % of their bodies.  Both have been released from the hospital and the small home was a total loss.  Hubbards Fire Department assisted us with a tanker on that callout.

Fire prevention week is approaching and one of the activities we have planned is a church parade on Sunday, October 9th.  We have been invited to attend the Baptist church for a thanksgiving service and we will also be visiting the Distric School and local daycares on October 12th.  We are planning a small practice at Shoreham Village on October 16 and there is a municipal practice in the planning stages now for October 23rd.  Time restrictions do not allow us to hold all functions within Fire Prevention Week but hopefully our prescence at these activities through out the month will remind people of fire safety all month long.

As I reported at the July meeting, the Rescue Boat is now back in service with 2 new Honda 4 stroke engines.  A PR session was held here at the Fire Hall in late July, thanking the generous contributors involved in this project.

We have been approved for a $12,000 grant from the Emergency Services Provider Fund to assist us in the purchase of a new thermal imaging camera to replace our out dated and discontinued model.  With the $12,000 allotted in the budget we still fall a little short, so I was wondering if it is ok to transfer funds within our budget to make up the short fall similar to what we did last year with the communications tower.

Thank you,

Duke Chafe.

Chester Fire Chief


The short fall amount is $2200, which is due to the HST.  It was unanimously agreed to allow the Chief to purchase the Imaging Camera.


Truck Report

Blake Corkum was unavailable to give a report.


 Fire Advisory Report

Next meeting is scheduled for Oct 19, 2011.


 Financial Report:

A two month financial report was presented by the Clerk Treasurer.   Bill Zinck moved to accept the financial report as presented, seconds by Mike Heisler.  All were in favor and the motion carried.



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