October 12, 2011 Minutes


Brenda Mulrooney, Bill Zinck Jr, Tom Mulrooney, Jo-Ann Grant and Pauline Armstrong

There were 14 members of the public present.

 Regrets:  Iris Tolliver, Mike Heisler

Additions to the agenda

All commissioners in attendance agreed that the Agenda should be put on the web site one week prior to the meeting.  Deadline for additions is the Tuesday one week prior to meeting.

Minutes from the previous meeting:

The minutes from September 14th, 2011 were circulated and reviewed.    Billy Zinck Jr. Moved to accept the minutes, seconded by Tom Mulrooney.  All were in favor and the motion carried.

  Old Business:

Winter Wreaths

The closing date for the winter wreaths is October 12th, 2011. Up to that date there has been no response from the Ad placed in the Bulletin.

Fire Boat

The Fire Boat will be removed from the water November 1st. The date will then be set to put it back in the water in the spring.

LED Lights

The three remaining street lights have not been installed yet. Waiting on Black and MacDonald.

Allocation of Surplus Funds

A motion was made to use the surplus funds from the HST budget to pay for the LED Lights.  This motion was made by Bill  Zinck Jr., seconded by Jo-Ann Grant.

 New Business:

Parking Enforcement

Members of the public expressed their concerns and suggestions.  The merchant’s of the Village approached Brad Armstrong for parking signs and Brad Armstrong had several meetings with DOT. The parking signs with 4 hour parking were installed. Many feel the signs should be, four hour parking, from 8 am- 8 pm.  The question to enforce this was raised. The RCMP officer said they have only limited options.  The By law enforcement officer recognized it to be a major issue and suggested a ticket machine.  It was suggested to wait and see if the signs work before making any major changes.

The Chamber agreed to facilitate a meeting of a Parking Strategy for the Village of Chester working group. Chester Building Supplies has donated (free of charge) a space for this meeting.

Questions were raised concerning:

  •  A four way stop
  •  Handicap parking
  • Who has the authority to issue parking tickets?
  • Rules surrounding golf carts, scooters used by the elderly and are they allowed to drive on the pavement, shoulder, or the sidewalk

Policy RE: Personal use of Fire Department Equipment

 The use of Fire Equipment was discussed.  It was suggested by Jo-Ann Grant that a letter be written to the fire department clarifying that they prefer that the Fire Department do training first before they fund raise.  All commissioners present were in agreement.

 Heritage designation of the Old Stone Bridge

Further to motion made in Council on November 10th, 2010, the Village of Chester Commission applied for protection of the Victoria Street Stone Bridge.  There will be a meeting on October 27th, 2011 for further discussions and will be represented by Jo-Ann Grant and Brenda Mulrooney.

 Gingerbread Man

Gingerbread men are being made by CBS and SWAT and merchants can purchase them for around Twenty dollars each.   Jo-Ann Grant motioned that two gingerbread men be purchased and displayed in the Village office. The motion was seconded by Brenda Mulrooney.


Chester will be hosting this event in the fall of 2012.


Municipality of Chester

Monthly Community Events Page for non-profit groups, free of charge.  Event will be listed in Progress Bulletin paper.

Statistics Canada

Thank you for the support of the Village of Chester for the 2011 Census Survey.

Service Nova Scotia

Registered Municipal Auditors list for the year ending July 31st, 2012.

Municipality of Chester

Fire safety plan for the Lido Pool to be signed and the Floor Plan/Street Access Plan completed and mailed back to them.

Fire Chief’s Report

Since the last commission meeting on Sept. 14/11, I have logged in 65 hours in callouts, practices, meetings and fire dept. business.  We have had 10 callouts this month consisting of 4 MVA’s, 4 alarms and 2 practices.  Two of the MVA’s resulted in fatalities that had to be extricated; one was a single vehicle accident on Big Tancook Island which contained one fatality, the lone occupant of a ½ ton truck.  The other MVA resulted in 2 fatalities was a head-on collision on Highway 103, just west of exit 7. Chester Basin assisted us with extrication of the victims because both vehicles were extensively damaged.  Both fire departments had the opportunity to attend a critical incident stress debriefing here at our fire hall.  We are fortunate that there are debriefing teams available in this province for incidents such as these.

Residents of Shaws Island contacted me to request a fire truck be stationed on the Island in mid November for 5 days while their causeway bridge is being replaced.  I told them I would bring this matter to the attention of the commission but I explained that 5 days was too long to have one of our units stranded on the island especially with the possibility of freezing temperatures. I told them I would have a reply by the end of the week for them, after discussing it here tonight.

Thank You

Duke Chafe

Chester Fire Chief

Truck Report

Blake Corkum was unavailable to give the report.

Duke mentioned that Blake had met with another supplier and is waiting on the quote.

 Fire Advisory Report


Next meeting is scheduled for Oct 19th, 2011.

 Financial Report:

A financial report was presented by Pauline Armstrong, acting Clerk Treasurer.  Brenda Mulrooney moved to accept the financial report as presented, seconds by Tom Mulrooney.  All were in favor and the motion carried.


A question by a member of the public was raised to have the Fire Chief’s report moved up on the agenda so that they could have the option of staying for the rest of the meeting or not.  All commissioners attending were in agreement.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:40                                                                          

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