January 11, 2012 Minutes


 Regular Monthly Meeting –JANUARY 11, 2011


Brenda Mulrooney, Bill Zinck Jr, Jo-Ann Grant, Tom Mulrooney, and Iris Tolliver

There were 5 members of the public present.

 Regrets:  Michael Heisler

Additions to the agenda

Minutes from the previous meeting:

The minutes from December 11th, 2011 were circulated and reviewed.   Tom Mulrooney moved to accept the minutes, seconded by Jo-Ann Grant.  All were in favor and the motion carried.


Special Presentation    Kaizer Meadows   Guess speaker Bruce Forest.

Mr. Forest gave a brief history of the Kaizer Meadows Waste Management site.  In a recent evaluation of the landfills in Nova Scotia, Kaizer Meadows came in as the most financially viable.  This is partly due to the products generated by waste, such as water and chip material.  Brenda Mulrooney asked Bruce about the proposed windmill for the site.  There is an initiative for Municipalities through NS Power on power reduction.  After a 3 year study on wind data at the site, it was realized that it could support wind power and a 2 megawatt tower is planned to be constructed this year.  Warden Alan Webber spoke to the financial advantages of pursuing this project which is anticipated to cost in the vicinity of 5.6 million dollars.  The Municipality plans to invest 30% of this cost out of reserves and to borrow the additional 70% at a fixed rate of less than 6.5& with a 15 year amortization period.  The project is expected to generate a positive return from year one and should annually show a $500 to $1million profit.

Questions from the audience were considered.  One question involved the maintainance which will be addressed under the 20 year contract with Minas Basin, a substantial guarantee with the tower and Business Continuity Insurance.  The tower is built to withstand lightning strikes, which addressed another question from the audience.  The power generated by the windmill will go to the Robinson Corner sub-station, the money earned will go into general revenue since the Municipality has not specifically determined whether to lessen the tax burden—––OR—– increase their spending ability.  Bruce invited the Commission out to the landfill to take a tour of the facility and recommended holding a meeting out there and using their board room.  Brenda advised the Clerk Treasurer to follow up on this idea.  She thanked both Bruce Forest and Alan Webber for the interesting and informative presentation.


New Fire Truck

Cowan insurance Company has no involvement in licensing or permitting of trucks and there would be no reflection on the cost of insuring trucks that carry an overweight permit as long as they are within the manufacturers guidelines.  There were no members of the truck committee present to answer the question on whether it was possible to register a truck that meets manufacturer weight standards, but not NS weight standards, without obtaining an overweight permit.

Brenda Mulrooney attended a parking committee meeting.  There are several strategies being considered that will bring immediate results as well as those that will take 2-3 years and 5plus years and longer.  She asked the Commissioners to consider budgeting for a study on parking in Chester in next year’s budget.  Ways to collect information from businesses in the area and the number of employees who require parking spaces was discussed.  There are also concerns over special events like race week, theater production, filming of movies, etc.  These issues will be looked into by the parking committee.

A plan drawing from DOT showing the  handicap parking spot on Pleasant St was handed out by the Clerk Treasurer.  The proposed new, no parking signs on Duke Street between Pleasant and Water Street were also on the plan.  There was discussion on whether this new plan would address the concerns from the Fire Chief about maneuvering fire trucks down Duke St and onto Water St.



Flower Baskets

We do not have a company to look after the flower baskets in the Village this summer.  We have been approached by Village Nursery to supply only the baskets.  There was discussion on the best way to proceed and it is a topic to be discussed by the Beautification Budget Committee.




Fire Chief’s Report


Since the last commission meeting on December 14/11, I have logged in 58 hours in callouts, meetings, practices and fire department business.  We had a fairly quiet Christmas with just 10 callouts consisting of 3 MVA’s, 2 medical assists, 2 chimney fires, 1 vehicle fire, 1 false alarm and 1 practice.

The thermal imaging camera grant money from the provincial government emergency services provider fund has arrived and I was wondering if some Commission members would like to attend a PR session with our local MLAAA.  If anyone is interested, we can set something up with Denise—for– here at the firehall.

As I mentioned last month, we will be doing repairs to the Rescue Boat over the winter and would like to use the reserve funds to replace the fire pump.  This pump is over 10 years old and is nearing the end of its lifespan as a dependable pump, especially since sea water is extremely hard on this type of equipment.


Truck Report

Blake  Corkum was not able to attend the meeting.


 Fire Advisory Report

There was a meeting of FAC this evening that Bill Zinck was unable to attend.


Clerk Treasurer Report/ Financial Report

The Clerk Treasurer handed out a spreadsheet that detailed the savings that have been realized since installing the LED streetlights.  The saving on the regular lights is approximately 66% and on the decorative lights along Water St, the savings in approximately 74%.  The Commission was pleased with their decision to replace the streetlights three years before the province makes it mandatory for Municipalities.  It is expected the cost will be recovered within 5 years.  It was requested that the Clerk Treasurer look into the possibility of replacing the flood lights across from the Fire Hall with LED lights that would match or exceed the lamp power currently existing.


A financial report was presented by Iris Tolliver.  Bill Zinck moved to accept the financial report as presented, seconds by Jo-Ann Grant.  All were in favor and the motion carried.


New Business:

Business for Discussion:  The budget committees were formed and are as follows:

Lido Pool and Public Washrooms – Bill Zinck, Brenda Mulrooney

Seasonal, Beautification and Garbage Collection – Tom Mulrooney and Brenda Mulrooney

Administration and Census – Jo-Ann Grant and Bill Zinck




Municipality of Chester

A letter of Notification of Registration Approval for the Chester Volunteer Fire Department was received from Municipal Clerk Pam Myra as approved by Council in session on November 24/11 was read.


There were no questions.

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