February 8, 2012 Minutes

Brenda Mulrooney, Jo-Ann Grant, Michael Heisler and Iris Tolliver.

There were 13 members of the public present.

Regrets: Bill Zinck Jr and Tom Mulrooney

Additions to the Agenda

Jo-Ann Grant added under New Business to discuss WI FI in the village.

Minutes from the previous meeting:

The minutes from January 11th, 2012 were circulated and reviewed. Jo-Ann Grant moved to accept the minutes, seconded by Mike Heisler. All were in favor and the motion carried.

Special Presentation

Erin Beaudin from the Municipal office advised that there would be a meeting on Monday at the Chester Legion at 7pm in connection with the windmills at Kaizer Meadows.

Chester Water Supply Guess speaker Geoff MacDonald.

Mr. MacDonald gave a history of the proposed water supply from Spectacle Lake and the next steps to be taken. There was a study on the water chemistry, and the quality of the water and everything was very positive. It was determined that the water supply could service approximately 2500 people if necessary. A dam on the property would also have to have renovations. The total cost for the project (in full distribution) would be around 13 million dollars. Since further development is still several years away it was suggested that there should be a way to establish a reserve fund for this project. Mr. MacDonald entertained questions from the audience. Many were concerned about the cost and the effect those costs would have on taxes.

Old Business

 Flower Baskets

It was determined that an AD be put in the Enterprise to have someone put the baskets up, also to water them and take them down.

 Wharf at Lido

The wharf at the Lido needs repairs. The commissioners present were in favor of getting three quotes to do the work.


Fire Chief’s Report

Since the last commission meeting on Jan. 11/12, I have logged in 77 hours in callouts, meetings, practices and fire dept. business. We have had 9 callouts consisting of 2 chimney fires, 2 false alarms, 1 MVA, 1 co alarm, 1 controlled burn, 1 practice and 1 structure fire on Queen Street which was the result of careless disposal of smoking materials. The fire started on the deck in the rear of the house and by the time we got there the whole back end of the structure was on fire. The lone occupant escaped unharmed and after the fire was knocked down we rescued 2 cats from the basement. I had to be rerated for smoke inhalation at a local vet. Both cats survived and the house is repairable.

I mentioned at our last meeting about a PR session with our MLA and the new thermal imagers but after contacting her office we were unable to set up anything yet, I will let you know if anything further progresses. It’s a good thing that our weather is not too severe this winter because the plowing and sanding in the village is terrible. After one of our recent Friday storms I stopped at the hall Monday morning and at 7:15 I called DOT to tell them “Central St. was a sheet of ice and requested it be sanded because of the Fire hall and EHS base on top of the hill but it wasn’t sanded until 11:30, I feel that this street should be given priority because of emergency vehicle traffic and maybe a letter from the commission to DOT might help the situation.

Truck Report

Blake Corkum was not able to attend the meeting. The Fire Chief related about a request for proposals on truck repairs with Dave Kennedy. Jo-Ann Grant moved to accept the minutes, seconded by Mike Heisler. All commissioners present were in favor of the request.

Fire Advisory Report

Bill Zinck was unable to attend.

Clerk Treasurer Report/ Financial Report

• A PO has been issued to Davis Macintyre and Associates for the archaeological assessment on the land under the Lido Pool.

• An spot has been purchased on the Merchants Association map

• A grant for our lifeguard has been applied for.

A financial report was presented by Iris Tolliver

New Business:

(a) EMC Building Renovation

The EMC building has mold in areas of the back wall in the building. They want to do work on this and also does renovation work. They will cover the cost of this. Able Engineering looked at the work to be done and will provide details on the work needed to be done.

(b) Allocation of Reserves

Truck $ 160,000.00

Building $ 50,000.00

Lido $ 10,000.00

Jo-Ann Grant motion to allocate the reserve funds as provided for in the budget, seconded by Mike Heisler. All were in favor motion carried.

(c) WI FI in the Village

Jo-Ann suggested that WI FI be available everywhere in the village core. Iris is going to get in touch with Ben Wiper for pricing.



Kerry Keddy raised a question about the WI FI.


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