Mar 14, 2012 Monthly Meeting

Regular Monthly Meeting –March 14th, 2012

 Present:Brenda Mulrooney, Jo-Ann Grant, Michael Heisler , Bill Zinck Jr , Tom Mulrooney and Iris Tolliver.

There were 5 members of the public present.

 Regrets:  None

Additions to the Agenda

 Minutes from the previous meeting:  The minutes from February 8th, 2012were circulated and reviewed.  Jo-Ann Grantmoved to accept the minutes, seconded by Mike Heisler. All were in favor and the motion carried.

 Old Business

Wi-Fi in Village Core

Ben Wiper was invited to give an overview of the pros and cons of Wi-Fi in the Village Core.  There was a handout that defined what area was included in the “core”.  Ben explained that the requirements of a system would include a “Mesh Network” linking approximately 8 access points.  He went on to identify what logistical issues could be encountered and recommended locations best suited as access points.  He also explained the benefits of such a system, one of which would be QR Codes (Quick Response Code – a system designed to allow its contents to be decoded at high speed.  They have in recent years become common in consumer advertising and packaging, because the Smartphone “has put a barcode reader in everyone’s pocket”.  The QR code has become a focus of advertising strategy, since it provides quick and effortless access to the advertiser’s website. Beyond mere convenience to the consumer, the importance of this capability is that it brings the viewer to the advertiser’s site immediately.)  While there are no monthly contracts, there would be power and internet cost sharing.  The system comes with a 90 day money back guarantee and would come at a cost of $4200-$7500.

Budget Meeting

Brenda Mulrooney recommended that the yearly budget item figures be drafted by the Clerk Treasurer.  The need for the Commissions involvement would be to address special needs that are not normally included every year.  This would greatly expedite the process.

This suggestion was agreed upon.

Summer Staff

The Clerk Treasurer asked for input concerning revising the job description for the summer student Litter Picker.  Some of the responsibilities could be assigned to the Handyman and the route for litter to be cleaned off the streets should be increased.  Brenda Mulrooney also recommended that we look at a Spring Clean up.


Fire Chief’s Report    Since the last commission meeting on Feb 8th, I have logged in 76 hours in callouts, meetings, practices and fire dept. business. We have had 12 callouts this month consisting of 3 practices, 3 alarms, 3 MVA’s, 1 chimney fire, 1 medical assist and 1 mutual aid to Chester Basin.

This month we had 2 new probationary members join the department bringing the membership list up to 45 but we are still 5 members short of a full compliment.  We currently have 4 members completing a 409 hour medical first responder’s course over 2 weekends this month at Western Shore fire department.  We also have 5 members scheduled to take a rapid intervention course at the fire school next month.  Class 3 driver training is also ongoing over the next couple months and 2 of those members are booked for a pump ops course, also at the fire school.  It is good to see lots of training going on, but we can always use more qualified operators.

There are some good pictures on the site of our thermal imaging camera PR session with our local MLA, Denise Peterson-Rafuse.

Truck Report-  The Fire Chief reported that there have been 2 meetings with Dave Kennedy and an RFP has been drawn up and will be going to the manufacturers.  The closing date will be April 12/12.  The RFP will be scored based on quality and price after which the Commission will be consulted and given an opportunity to review the decisions and figures presented.  The Commissioners expressed and desire to have an opportunity to discuss the whole process with Mr. Kennedy and asked for a copy of the RFP.

 Fire Advisory Report-  Bill Zinck had nothing to report.

Clerk Treasurer Report/ Financial Report

1.       Amendment to motion made at Feb 9/12 meeting concerning the amount to be transferred to Reserves.  The motion moved to transfer $120,000, which is understated by $20,000.00.  The total includes $160,000 for truck reserve, $60,000 for building reserve and $10,000 for Lido reserve.  Total should be $230,000 and not $210,000 as was moved previously.  Bill Zinck moved to transfer the balance of $20,000 to GIC to settle the discrepancy.  Motion was seconded by Tom Mulrooney.  All were in favor and motion carried.

 Attended a “Fraud Awareness and Municipal Government” course by Grant Thornton last month.  I will be recommending some changes in procedures to minimize our risk.

NACLAA online course begins on April 16-June29.  Cost of the course is $800.00.

Lifeguard has applied for employment this summer.

Stanly Smith has obtained other employment.  Will need another handy man.  He has again replaced bundles of shingles (3) to the Fire Hall roof as well as a bucket of tar.  He has advised of the need to soon replace large section of the roof.  The roof is 5 years old.  Bill Zinck recommended that we contact to maker of the shingles.

Land Migration.  We received a letter from our solicitor indicating he was unable to migrate the land adjacent to the Lido Pool.  Sam Lamey, council for the Municipality has offered with the approval of CAO Erin Beaudin, to migrate the property on behalf of the Commission.  This would be a onetime only process.  Bill Zinck made a motion to allow Mr. Lamey to perform this migration on the Village of Chester’s behalf.  The motion was seconded by Mike Heisler and with a show of hands, all were in favor.

 A financial report was presented by Iris Tolliver.  Bill Zinck motioned to accept the financial report, seconded by Mile Heisler.  All were in favor.

New Business:

 Monthly Meetings  Brenda Mulrooney suggested allowing for an extra public meeting during the month should the need arise.  Bill Zinck recommended an extra meeting be held in April, May and June.  The monthly meetings will be held on the 2nd Wednesday and 4th Tuesday for the next three months.  The Fire Department will not be required to attend the extra meeting.

Haven Films  The Clerk Treasurer was asked to contact Haven Productions to request that no filming be done in the Village during Race Week.

Kaizer Meadows Tour  The Chester Chamber of Commerce has approached the Commission to accompany them on the mutual invitation received from the Municipality to tour the Land Fill site.  It was decided the best time for this might be May.


NS Municipal Finance Corporation

Notice of Spring 2012 Debenture funding

Davis Macintyre & Associates

Report on archaeological resource impact assessment of the Lido Pool.  A copy has been sent to Dept of Communities, Culture and Heritage for their review and comments.  The recommendations in the report are not considered final until the Department has accepted them and we have been notified in writing.

Municipality of the District of Chester

Copy of the advertisement giving notice of a change to the Secondary Planning Strategy and the Chester Area Land Use By-Law Amendment.  A public meeting was held on Wednesday Mar 7 in Council Chambers.

Municipality of the District of Chester

Chad Haughn, Rec & Parks Director.  Invitation to the Volunteer Reception on April 18.  We also received a certificate of appreciation for the Commissioners.

NS Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal

Response to our letter sent Feb  13/12 concerning the poor sanding conditions of the streets this winter.  The reply was and invitation to a special council meeting with the Municipality of Chester to be held on March 26.  They acknowledge that salting is not meeting the needs of the Village.  Brenda asked for comments concerning this meeting from the Commissioners.


The meeting was adjourned at 9:00pm.

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