Regular Monthly Meeting – April 11, 2012

Present:   Brenda Mulrooney, Jo-Ann Grant, Bill Zinck Jr., Tom Mulrooney and Iris Tolliver.

Regrets:  Michael Heisler 

Additions to the Agenda
Public Washroom Opening, Additional meetings and Lido Pool update were added to Old Business.
Tree Committee was added to New Business.

Minutes from the previous meeting:
The minutes from March 14th, 2012were circulated and reviewed.  Bill Zinck moved to accept the minutes, seconded by Tom Mulrooney. All were in favor and the motion carried.

Special Presentation
Guest Speaker Geoff MacDonald from the Municipal Planning Department showed a power point on the proposed Hwy 3 Streetscape guidelines.  There will be a public meeting at the Chester Legion on April 23.  The Streetscape project takes into consideration the area from Robinson Corner to Steven’s Rd.  The purpose is to work out a long term vision on what Hwy # 3 should look like and to bring about planning changes that will provide the area with the look and feel of a Chester street.  He encouraged all to please come to the public meeting.

Old Business

Flower Baskets. 
There was only one response to the ad for someone to put up the baskets, water and care for them all summer and then take them down in the fall.  The quote was submitted by Kerry Keddy for $10695.00 (HST in) 

Wi-Fi in Village Core
Due to time constraints, this agenda item was tabled until the next meeting.
Budget Meeting 
A draft of the yearly budget has been drafted by the Clerk Treasurer, Chair and Vice Chair and was presented to the Commissioners present.  Any additions to the existing budget will need to be submitted asap.  The budget will be approved at the last meeting in May.
Additional Public Meetings
It was decided to hold extra public meetings on the fourth TUESDAY of the month.  There will be meetings held on April 24, May 22 and June 26.  The AGM will be held on June 6, 2012 at St Stephen’s Anglican Rectory.
Summer Staff
Due to time constraints, this agenda item was tabled.

Lido Pool Update
The resurfacing of the bottom of the pool has begun.  Permission needed to be given to seal in the opening under the swim platform.  Changes in tides along with other conditions allow sea water to pour into the pool.  Brenda Mulrooney recommended that an extra reserve be set up for modifications that will be required to increase the wall height with some sort of wave control.


Fire Chief’s Report
Since my last commission meeting on March 14, I have logged in 84 hours in callouts, practices, meeting and fire department business.  We have had a very busy month with 20 callouts consisting of 4 alarms, 3 medical assists, 3 woods fires, 3 MVA’s, 2 practices, 2 structure fires, 1 chimney fire and 1 excavator fire.  The structure fire at Shoreham Village caused extensive smoke damage to one apartment.  The structure fire on Valley Rd. caused a lot of smoke and water damage, but the house is repairable.  Chester Basin assisted us on this call.  The other major blaze was an excavator in Robinsons Corner which was totally destroyed causing approximately $30,000 damage.
As the season for burning without a permit came to a close, we were plagued with a few fires but nothing too serious.  Alarm calls are up a bit this month and all are being investigated by Municipal Officials.
It’s time for upgrades to the entry doors and hardware here at the hall.  The front door is giving lock problems again and the door jamb is rusted out.  We should be looking at a computerized key fob lock system which will track who is entering the building and these fobs can be coded to allow access only where required.

Truck Report
A request to extend the deadline for RFP submissions of the new fire truck was presented by Duke Chafe.  The Commission granted his request and extended the deadline for two weeks. 

 Fire Advisory Report
 Bill Zinck had nothing to report other than the next meeting date.

PAC Report and appointments
Bill Zinck recommended that JoAnn Grant represent the Commission at PAC meeting.  The recommendation was seconded by Tom Mulrooney.  
Tom Mulrooney recommended that Jo-Ann Grant represent the Commission at the Spectacle Lake Advisory Committee, seconded by Bill Zinck.  All were in favor

Clerk Treasurer Report/ Financial Report

1. Sidewalks will be swept on Friday, April 13 between 5:00 am and 8:00 pm.
2. Received an email from Public Works and the floats at the Red Cross wharf will be put in the water this week.
3. Policy Manual amendments as requested.  Will be sending to Service Nova Scotia for recording.

A financial report was presented by Iris Tolliver.  Bill Zinck motioned to accept the financial report, seconded by Tom Mulrooney.  All were in favor.

New Business:

EMC Building Renovations and Balloon Payment
The plans for the renovations at the EMC building have been completed.  The construction project will move forward and will include paving the parking area at the EMC Building.  A balloon payment to pay off the final amount will be made in May.  Bill Zinck made a motion to move $69,000 from the EMC reserve fund to cover the payment.  The motion was seconded by Tom Mulrooney.  All were in favor and the motion carried.

Allocation of Reserves for Fire Boat
Bill Zinck moved to transfer $7500 from the Fire Boat reserve back to the chequing account for operating funds.  The floats at the Red Cross wharf will be in the water by May 1.  There will be a slight delay of 7 to 10 days before the fire boat can be launched, but the boat will be in the water and ready for service by mid May.

Tree Committee 
Jo-Ann Grant would like the Commission to consider the possibility of setting up a “Tree Commission” which could monitor and implement controls of trees within the Village.  This stems from public concern over the trunk from the tree at the Post Office that had to be removed due to Dutch elm disease.  The Clerk was instructed to contact Service Nova Scotia to be sure this falls under the jurisdiction of a Village.

Chester Merchants Assoc
First proof of their brochure.  (Distribute)
Liberal Caucus Office
Letter from Honorable Keith Colwell, Critic for Service NS and Mun Relations
It has been a year since the provincial government announced that they will not be honoring the terms of the Memo of Understanding (regarding mandatory payment on province-wide services) and they are asking us we have been dealing with this decision and how it is affecting our future plans.
Municipality of Chester   Thank you from Arden Weagle (Fire Inspector) for the requested documents pertaining to the fire inspection done August 12, 21011.  All required action has been remedied.
Chandler Davis    Notice from Harry Davis that he will not be performing the yearend audit and that he has given up all audit work.
Founder of “Day of the Honey Bee    ”I do humbly request that your worship and Council, on behalf of you citizenry, resolve to proclaim May 29, 2012 as the third annual “Day of the Honey Bee” and if bylaw allows that this proclamation be issued in perpetuity.
Wells, Lamey, Mailman & Bryson    Statement of Registered and Recorded Interests re Migration/Lands at South Street, Chester.

While there were no questions, there were several comments concerning the Tree Committee.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:30pm.
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