Minutes AGM June 2012

1)   Call to order
The meeting was called to order by Brenda Mulrooney at 7:00 pm.  Ms. Mulrooney introduced the table, which included; herself(Chairman), Bill Zinck (Vice Chair), Mike Heisler (Commissioner), Jo-Ann Grant (Commissioner), Tom Mulrooney (Commissioner) and Pauline  Armstrong (Assistant Clerk Treasurer).  Also at the table were CVFD Fire Chief Duke Chafe and Chief Deputy Davey Richardson and George Ernst, Grant Thornton LLP Chartered Accountant.  Also 15 members of the public were present.
 Minutes from the previous annual general meeting were circulated.  Mike Heisler moved the adoption of the minutes as presented which was seconded by Bill Zinck.  All were in favour and the motion carried.

2)   Additions to the agenda
No additions.

3)   Business arising from the minutes
No business.

4)   Reports
a)   Auditor’s Report

George Ernst presented the Auditor’s Report and reviewed the financial statements.  He said the total revenue was down approximately $8000. Due to grants received in 2011 for the Lido Pool and other construction projects. The Expenditures were up a bit from 2011 due to Office Rent and salary for the Clerks Assistant, the Census and the Web Site.  The Lido expenses were up due to the new washrooms. Results were a surplus. Also the tax rate was town from last year.

The tangible capital assets on page 8 are guidelines set by Service Nova Scotia, they set the standards for Villages and Municipalities.

George thanked Iris, Brenda and others for helping him with the audit. He reported a clean audit and presented financial statements he said reflect fairly the financial position of the Village of Chester.  

Bill Zinck moved the adoption of the Auditor’s report. Seconded by Tom Mulrooney.  All were in favour.  Motion carried.

b)   Treasurer’s Report
Pauline Armstrong drew attention to the budget for the next year.  She asked if there were any questions and there were none. Bill Zinck moved moved the adoption of the Treasures report.  Seconded by Tom Mulrooney.  All were in favour and the motion carried. 

c)  Chairperson’s Report 
Good evening ladies and gentleman
The accomplished projects for this year are as follows.

The Village of Chester Commission has moved the office to a more central location and on a ground floor. We have extended our office hours to provide more accessibility to the rate payer by hiring a clerk’s assistant, with hope this will encourage more participation from our residents as to what directions you wish us to follow.
A web site has been created, this advertises: meeting dates, cancellations and previous meetings minutes, extra green bin pick up dates, hours and dates for washrooms and the lido swim.  The Lido pool bottom has been installed. A village maintenance person has been hired. We have also made our final payment in May on the EMC building.
The commission wishes to thank Paul Mulrooney, for his assistance with water making last season at the washrooms. The commission was asked to partake in a parking committee last fall; this committee has representatives from the Municipality, Commission, and Chamber of Commerce. VOCTADA, Downtown Merchants Group, Tancook and Lunenburg Mun., this group have meet with DOT and are attempting to relieve some of the parking issues, traffic congestion and safety issues that are in the Water St. and village core.  As well as provide some more handicap spaces.
My term as commissioner is up tonight, I would like to thank my fellow commissioners, Iris our Clerk Treasurer and Pauline our assistant.  We have all made a great team.
Thank you.  
Your chairperson.
Brenda Mulrooney
I move the adoption of my report.  Tom Mulrooney seconded the motion.  All were in favour and the motion carried.

d)   Fire Chief’s Report
Good evening Ladies and Gentleman,

I don’t think introductions are necessary tonight for myself or the Deputy Chief as this is our 8th year in these positions but if there is anyone who doesn’t know us, I am Leo Chafe also known as Duke and this is your Deputy Chief Dave Richardson.
As usual, I will begin my report with a breakdown on our callouts for the past year, we have had 143 callouts consisting of 36 false alarms, 25 practices, 28 motor vehicle accidents and fires, 15 medical assists, 7 chimney fires, 7 mutual aid callouts to neighboring departments, 6 structure fires, 3 bush fires, 3 storm related callouts and 13 miscellaneous calls.  Total callouts for the year are only 1 more than last year with no significant increase or decrease in specific calls except storm related callouts which are down to 4 from 18 in 2011.
Again this year the Mobile Burn Unit from the fire school booked for a week in July for evenings and weekend training.  While it is here usually all 7 departments within the municipality take advantage of this live fire training.  We had an excellent opportunity last fall to tryout 5 different thermal imaging cameras in the burn unit before upgrading our system.  We were approved for a grant from the Emergency Services Provider Fund which matched dollar for dollar up to the allotted 12,000 dollars we had budgeted for camera replacement, so we were able to purchase 2 cameras to replace our outdated and failing one.
The Federal Government is allowing a non-refundable 3000 dollar tax credit to volunteer firefighters who volunteer at least 200 hours a year, so now most members are keeping track of their hours spent at callouts, meetings and practices.  Approximately 70% of our members got to claim this last year and I certainly had no problem in this category with my 1067 hours of volunteer time.
Normally I close with a brief description of our fundraising projects for the upcoming year but due to our commissions request we no longer fundraise or deliver swimming pool water. They felt our time could be better spent on training, or spending more time with our families. Last year I reported that we bought hi-visibility jackets with our fundraising money, which works out to approximately the same amount as our 9% budget cut we are taking this year, so we will see quite a difference in operations with budget cuts and loss of fund raising events.  I am also puzzled  why, in the commissions June 2012 newsletter, that they thank you  for your continued support of their volunteer firefighter fund raising events when they don’t allow us to perform them.  
This should be clarified because people are wondering why we are not doing the car show canteen and helping with the Mackerel Snappers Picnic.  These are 2 projects that raised over 9000 dollars for the department last year which provided funds for our annual banquet, cable TV and sporting events such as Maritime Firefighters curling and golfing tournaments

Thank you.
Leo (Duke) Chafe
I move the adoption of my report. Seconded by Bill Zinck. All in favor.

e)   Lido Pool Report
Hello, ladies, gentlemen and Commissioners.

The Water Safety Program at the Chester Lido Pool came to a close on August 26, 2011. We are so pleased with the new building and we have our own washroom and lots of space to have lessons on rainy days and to keep our supplies.  It is just great compared to what we had over the past years. Having the pool floor replaced is another plus.
This summer we are offering three – 3 week sessions: Monday –Friday 9:30am to 5:00Pm. Public swim from 12:00 noon to 1:30pm. A lifeguard will be on duty Monday – Friday 5:00pm – 8:00pm and on weekends 12:00 noon to 8:00pm.  There is no charge for public swim.  Our instructors for this summer are Abbigail Sarty, Daniel O’Connor and Natasha MacFarlane.
We received a donation of $3,000.00 from a summer resident who have children in the program. It is a tremendous help and very much appreciated.  It will help to improve the quality of the program. At the end of our program, we held our annual swim-a-thon and fun day. The children collected pledges for swimming laps.  Prizes were donated by business in the area for children who took part. The amount of $1,800 was raised. Pizzas, drinks and treats were served, games played which everyone enjoyed.  Once again, I would like to thank those who donated the parents and children.
Everyone has been so supportive of the program which means a great deal to the community.
Tourists that visit the Lido always remark what a beautiful and unique lace we have.  Everyone is so pleased with the new building and public washrooms, which were very much needed.
The Lido is a place for children to learn water safety.  A place for all to enjoy the outdoors and the incredible views.  The Lido is a wonderful facility.
I would like to thank the Commissioners for the upkeep of the Lido.  So many children have learned to swim at the Lido over the years.  Many people do not realize what a great place the Lido is and what a great asset it is to the community.
I would like to thank Brenda for her time and effort for the pool.  Also thanks to Iris for all her help.
Looking forward to a great summer at the Lido.
I move the adoption of this report

Thank you.  
Viola L. Hiltz
Chester District Swim Program
Seconded by Bill Zinck.  All were in favor.

5)   New Business
a)   Appointment of Auditor’s for the coming year  
George Ernst accepted to be the auditor in the upcoming year. 

b)   Appointment of Scrutinizers
Bill Zinck asked Darcey Stevens and Elizabeth Heisler to act as scrutinizers.  They accepted.

c)   Election of Commissioner
Brenda Mulrooney and Jo-Ann Grant excused themselves from further proceedings as their terms of office were up for offer.  Bill Zinck called for nominations from the floor.  Jim Mayo nominated Wynand Baerken. Nancy Hatch nominated Brenda Mulrooney.  Paul Mulrooney nominated Jo-Ann Grant… Jim Mayo nominated Wynand Berken.

Bill Zinck motioned for the meeting to be adjourned at 8:00 pm. 
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