Minutes September 11, 2013

Village of Chester

Regular Monthly Meeting

September 11, 2013

Present:  Brenda Mulrooney, Chair; Iris Tolliver, Clerk Treasurer; Wynand Baerken, Commissioner; Bill Zinck, Vice-Chair; Mike Heisler, Commissioner; Bill Nauss, Commissioner; Duke Chafe, Fire Chief; Dave Richardson, Deputy Fire Chief.

1.0          Call to Order

Chair Mulrooney called the monthly meeting to order at 7:00 pm and Chair Mulrooney welcomed everyone to the meeting.  Chair Mulrooney stated the changes to the distributed agenda.

2.0          Minutes from August 31, 2013

MOTION:  Bill Zinck moved the acceptance of the July 31, 2013 minutes, seconded by Wynand Baerken.  Carried.

3.0          Chairperson’s Address

Chair Mulrooney stated that at the last meeting, attendees felt that Chair Mulrooney didn’t want to hear from the folks of Chester on the siren.  Chair Mulrooney apologized and stated that ‘that section of the study’ was completed and that the issue had moved on to a new phase.

Chair Mulrooney stated that Chester is a great place to live and that the following are some of the accomplishments of the Commission over the past few years:

¨       We are in the 3rd year of LED lights and have seen a  $56,000 savings in the first 2 years which has allowed more lighting to be installed and to buy the new LED fixtures that are on the waterfront  and 3 other LED lights in the Village as well;

¨       The washroom and Lido Pool building are great additions to Water Street and completed the refurbishment of the pool;

¨       This is the 3rd year of green bin pickup and all is going well;

¨       A new Fire Truck has been ordered and hopefully here early in the new year;

¨       The Village office is now open daily, 9 am to 1 pm, Monday to Friday;

¨       Operating procedures in process of being put in place that will assist the day-to-day operation of the Village providing continuity and guidance for the Commissioners, office staff and all departments.  This is becoming a necessary tool in ensuring safe practices for everything we do.

¨       Within the next month all the upgrades on our Fire Hall, suggested in the audit, will be completed.

 4.0          Old Business

a)            Fire Siren Update

Chair Mulrooney stated that this has been a controversial and much awaited decision.  There have been feelings of anxiety and assurance of the siren.  Nova Scotia Hearing and Speech tested the decibel level and sent the report and recommendations to the Commission.  His report recommends that we determine whether there is a real need or not, the letters that we have received have told us that some sort of sounding device is required.

MOTION:  Brenda Mulrooney moved that the Village of Chester keep an emergency sounding device but eliminate the current device used at the Fire Hall.  In the interim keep the existing siren as back up if the paging system should go down.  Wynand Baerken seconded.  Carried.

MOTION:  Brenda Mulrooney moved that due to the results of our sound decibel tests the existing siren be discontinued immediately and that we start a 30 day research period to find (1) and appropriate alternate device with safe decibels; (2) and determine the location or locations for this device to be placed and that the existing device will be tested once a month on the 2nd Monday at 1845 hours, for a duration of 7-10 seconds prior to the Chester Fire Department meeting to ensure the device stays in working order for backup if needed until the replacement is installed. Bill Zinck seconded.  Carried.

b)            Crossing Guard

The Crossing Guard, Jason LeBlanc, began on the first day of school. Department of Transportation cut/trimmed the trees and bushes to allow the cross walk signs to be seen.  Parents are happy and the traffic is slowing down to allow safe crossing.

Iris Tolliver stated that she is still looking for an alternate to fill in on days when Jason can’t be there.  If anyone is interested they should phone her.

c)            Electric Car Recharging in Chester (location)

Wynand Baerken informed all that the Green movement has been discussed and one of the issues discussed was to have a charging station(s) in Chester.  Commissioner Baerken has been in contact with Nova Scotia Power about costs involved in this setup, which would certainly be part of the“green” movement.  NSP has a charging system leftover from another installation of a charging system, so the Village of Chester would be given the charging system free of charge. We are now in the process of deciding a location and if it could be a free service or a paid service.  Commissioner Baerken is hoping for the system to be up and running in the new year.

d)            Committee Selection

Committee Selection was established as follows:

Human Resource (HR) Committee: Brenda Mulrooney, Bill Zinck

Truck Committee: Mike Heisler, Bill Nauss

Planning Advisory (PAC) Committee: Wynand Baerken

Fire Advisory (FAC) Committee: Bill Zinck, Bill Nauss

Audit Committee: Bill Nauss, Bill Zinck

Water Shed Committee: Wynand Baerken

Utilities: Brenda Mulrooney

Lido Complex(includes Public Washrooms) Committee: Mike Heisler, Brenda Mulrooney

RCMP Advisory Committee:  We are not able to place anyone on this Committee at this time but we are looking into it

Parking Committee: Brenda Mulrooney

Properties (Jib Lot, Water Lot, Firemen’s Memorial Hall, EHS Building, Fire Hall Building): Bill Nauss, Brenda Mulrooney, Bill Zinck

 5.0          Reports

a)            Fire Chief’s Report

Chief Duke Chafe reported that since the last Commission meeting on July 31, 2013, there have been 12 callouts consisting of 4 alarms, 3 practices, 2 medical assists, 1 car fire, 1 car accident, and 15 hour landfill fire, with assistance Chester Basin and Windsor Fire Departments           

 b)            Report on Fire Truck

Iris Tolliver reported she received an email from Fort Garry, and that the new truck is in the works.

c)             Fire Advisory

Bill Zinck reported that work the committee is reviewing the Fire Fighter’s insurance and membership application which has gone back for review.

d)            Clerk Treasurer Report

Iris Tolliver reported that the Lido Pool experienced another successful season and is now closed.  There was a savings of $4329.00 on chlorine this season, since it is being taken care of in-house, rather than contracting it out.

The Sea Pump has broken and it cannot be refurbished.

Race Week was an uneventful week for the Village as well.

The Public Washrooms will be opened until November 11, 2013.

The Key fob’s are successful and automatic door openers for garage doors will be completed in the near future.  The next step is the automatic door opener for the garage.

Chester Electric will be installing switches to shut off the furnace when the garage doors opens.

Purchase order has been issued for the propane furnace has been given to Superior Propane,  with taxes in the amount is $19892.70.

The 2013 inspection report was received from Ron Boudreau came with one recommendation which was for the Lido Pool Wharf.  Additional signage ‘warning of danger’ is needed.  There is plan to shorten the dock, and should be completed next week.  Also rod iron fencing will be installed on the wharf to eliminate access to the pool from the wharf.

The material will have much more strength if galvanized and pricing was also received on handrails going down into the Pool.

A quote was received for a stainless steel stand for the Sea Pump as the pump needs to be kept off of the floor.

e)            Financial Report

Iris Tolliver presented the Financial Report.  The Simply Accounting program error has been fixed by Grant Thorton and reconciliations will now be carried out on Simply Accounting.

There were no questions on the report.

MOTION:  Bill Zinck moved, Mike Heisler seconded, the acceptance of the Financial Report.  Carried.

 6.0          Correspondence

a) A letter was received from the Deputy Minister of Municipal Affairs that Chris McNeill will be the new contact; Paul Wills has been transferred to another territory.

b) A letter was received from MODC regarding the Recreation Grant; we do not qualify, but they always include us in the mail-out.

c)  A letter for Nova Scotia Municipal Finance Corp, was received the annual Financial report.

b)  A letter was received from Municipality of the District of Chester regarding a recent fire inspection at the Lido Pool and everything has been taken care of.

c)   Diane Hilchie sent an email asking that the overgrown trees and shrubs around the Village be pruned as they obstruct motorists and sometimes scratch cars.  This request should go to Department of Transportation.

d)  A letter was received from Scotia Business Centre advising of their price increase.

e)  A letter was received from Atlantica Hotel & Marina requesting sponsorship of 2 tables for the Annual Fire Fighters Appreciation Dinner on November 4th.   All commissioners were in agreement to sponsor two tables.

f)   A letter was received from Bruce Blackwood regarding a draft of the Municipal Climate Change Action Plan.  He is asking that the FAC members would provide comments, which will be forwarded to the Senior Planner, and then the draft will be finalized and submitted to the Province before the end of this year.

Chair Mulrooney stated business from the Agenda had concluded at 7:40 pm.

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