May 13, 2014 Monthly Minutes

Present: Brenda Mulrooney, Chair; Iris Tolliver, Clerk Treasurer; Bill Zinck, Vice-Chair, Michael Heisler, Commissioner; Wijnand Baerken, Commissioner
Regrets: Bill Nauss, Commissioner

1.0 Call to Order
Chair Mulrooney called the monthly meeting to order at 7:00 pm.
2.0 Minutes from April 9, 2014
MOTION: Bill Zinck moved, Michael Heisler seconded, the acceptance of the April 9, 2014 minutes. Carried.
3.0 Business Arising from the Minutes
a) Electric Car Charging Station Update
Iris Tolliver stated that the areas wanted to install the electric car charger unit were not feasible. The owner of The Stretch Diner expressed interest in having it at their location.
Iris Tolliver stated that there may be grants available to help with the cost. This will be looked into by office staff.
4.0 Old Business
There was no old business noted
5.0 2014-15 Budget
Bill Zinck Jr withdrew from the budget issue due to conflict leaving no quorum to pass the budget. Therefore it will be dealt with at another time.
6.0 Reports
a) Fire Chief’s Report
Chief Richardson stated that in starting his report, he would like to thank Duke Chafe for his last 9 years as Chief. A token of appreciation from the Commission would be nice.
At the first officer’s meeting as Chief, we are going to be implementing changes to the operating structure to the department as we have some young officers who are keen and willing to be part of the changes.
Five members are going to Wolfville to attend FDIC training sessions. The Mobile Burn Unit (MBU) will be in Chester at the old liquor store parking lot from July 28 to August 11th. CFD members will be training in the MBU on Tuesday, July 29/14.
The boat was at Bridgewater Honda and the engines were started and tested and needs a little bit of work before it is ready for the water.
The calls since the last Commission meeting consisted of 1 Mutual Aid – MVA to Hubbards, 1 grass fire, 1 alarm, 1 smoke smell at RCMP station and 1 mutual aid call to Hubbards for a structure fire.
The new pumper is almost built and is hoped to be delivered the end of May to early June. This is good news, but what is going to happen with the 2 Fords to make room?
The Annual Banquet has come and gone. This event was well attended and a good time was held by all by those who stayed afterwards.
Chief Richardson mentioned that the submitted CFD budget for 2014-15 was decreased by $10,400 from last year’s budget and felt this is not moving forward.
Chief Richardson looks forward to working with the Commission on issues that arise in the coming year.
Chair Mulrooney welcomed Dave Richardson as the new Chief of the CFD.
b) Fire Advisory
Bill Zinck reported that the last meeting did not have a quorum and there was nothing to report.
c) Clerk Treasurer Report
Iris Tolliver reported that there the ULC (Underwriters Laboratories of Canada) has inspected the truck. Fort Garry will then do their inspection of the truck. Then the Commission will send Dave Kennedy and perhaps a member of the CFD to go to Winnipeg for final inspection. Due to the inspections needed, the timeline has been moved ahead approximately 2 weeks.
Viola Hiltz expressed concerns that parents have expressed concerns over the change in the Lido pool hours but she isn’t here to discuss this.
Michael Heisler presented Iris with a letter from Viola Hiltz — Iris Tolliver read a letter which had a request from the noon hour public swim, for the 2015 season, to be shortened by 30 minutes. For the 2015 swim season, the request is for the public swim to be taken back to 12 noon to 1:30pm. This issue will be looked into for the 2015 season.
Garbage Bin at Lido and the Pump Out–Brenda Mulrooney and Iris Tolliver had a meeting with Matt Davidson at Public works, of MODC, and he is not opposed to signing over ownership of the Pump Out to the Village of Chester, so Iris Tolliver will do up a proposal for MODC’s Councils consideration.
The garbage hut was discussed and Matt recommended that we have one similar to the one on the lawn at the Municipality. There is money in the budget to address the problem with the garbage and MODC can’t collect the garbage every day, so a system to hold 2-3 days would be needed.
Tentative plans have been made with Danny Boutilier to dig the trench at the Fire Hall for the siren and electrical service to the outer building.
All set for election, nominations need to be receive by 5:00 pm tomorrow. Elections will be held here; the Advance Poll is May 24, Election Day is May 27, and AGM is May 28 at St. Stephen Parish Hall.
We have fresh water at the Lido pool – the water maker was not cost effective to have it fixed. The tank has been buried, filled with spring water, and feel it will only have to be filled once per year. The cost to buy the tank, have it buried, have the water put in, was $4500 and there was $6000 allowed to do it.
The summer pick up for green carts will begin on June 10, week A, and will run to September 30th.
d) Financial Report
Iris Tolliver distributed the financial reports to the Commissioners present and the reports were reviewed.
The investment portfolio was reviewed as well.
MOTION: Bill Zinck moved, Mike Heisler seconded, the financial report. Carried.

e) PAC Report

Commissioner Baerken stated that a continued discussion was held on heights and that they want to wait for the next 5 year report, which will be carried out next year. Chair Mulrooney stated that the discussion was held on the fire apparatus in the village, which is a concern with the type of roof pitches.

f) ANSV Quarterly Meeting
Chair Mulrooney reported that the ANSV meeting was held in Bible Hill, with a guest speaker, Mervin MacDonald, who is the co-chair of NS Fiscal review study that is happening. Chair Mulrooney stated that Mr. MacDonald reviewed the various towns/municipalities issues and said that emergency services was the biggest expense to all of them; Policing, Ambulance, Fire, and said that it was mostly policing. Next quarterly meeting will be here in Chester in July/14.
g) Report on Special Sewer Meeting
This information session was held last week. There was a lot of concern coming from the audience and for the most part, quite happy that we were informing them on what was going on.
Fire Chief Dave Richardson stated that when the sewer meeting was at the Fire Hall he was told there was a parking issue, as if there would have been a fire call, the firemen probably would not have been able to get in. Chair Mulrooney said that this will have to be looked at when there is another public meeting held there.
7. New Business
a) Policy of criminal background checks and vulnerable sector checks will be deferred to the June’s meeting.
5. Budget 2014-15
This item was dealt with now as another Commissioner joined the meeting.
Iris Tolliver reviewed the 2014-15 Village budget
 The Fire Department operating last year – $114 600 and this year $111 800.
 One-time items were last year $37 000 this year $5 600
 New truck and siren cost coming out of reserve is $710 302
 New line item for Fire Management Services, which was something the Village Commissioners wanted in the budget to help with the Administration duties at the Fire Hall
 Administration for the Village has gone down to $274 501.00
 Seasonal and Public works – gone up substantially. Sewer and water feasibility study, which normally would go in reserve, but it has been included in 2014-15 budget and have the studies done this year.
 The speed signs, $8000.00, we are looking at putting 2 speed signs in locations within the village, and the Electric Car Starter has $1000 in the budget.
 The Maintenance is up $1000 for work at Jib Lot needs some extra work done there.
 Lido Pool has added extra maintenance for the garbage container and something has to be done for washing the floor due to the salt.
 Litter pickup is added into Public Works rather than being separate.
 Public washroom is down substantially but was added on to cover the problems with the water maker.
 Budget is $466 650. with reserves it is $763 050.
 Previous year surplus of $68 000, also did not deposit the $50 000 building reserves that was budgeted for, so $118 000 that normally wouldn’t have. That was to address repairs to fire hall, which went to $63 000, LED lights were $9355, the motion to purchase the Akron Gun and remote and also keyless entry cost went over.

Chief Richardson, asked if possible could the pump be bought for truck #551 on the Departments budget. The lake boat with motor and trailer is being asked for coverage through the Emergency Service Fire Provider Fund, which has to be in by June 2nd. Iris Tolliver stated there were funds in the reserve fund that could fund
the pump. Chief Richardson stated it is the original pump on the truck, it has been fixed several times and is wore out.
MOTION: Wijnand Baerken moved, Michael Heisler seconded, to add the pump for $551 to the 2014-15 budget. Carried.
MOTION: Bill Zinck Jr. moved, Michael Heisler seconded, the approval of the 2014-15 budget. Carried.

8. Correspondence
1 – The minutes were received from the FAC meeting
2- A letter was received from Bruce which Iris read aloud, concerning registration for Fire and Emergency provider. Iris distributed copies to Commissioners and Fire Representatives.
MOTION: Bill Zinck moved, Michael Heisler seconded, to accept the correspondence. Carried.

Business from the agenda concluded at 8:00 pm

Questions from Electors pertaining to this meeting’s agenda:
There were no questions from the electors.

As there were no questions, Chair Mulrooney called the adjourned at 8:05 pm.

Chair Mulrooney adjourned the meeting adjourned at 8:43pm.

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