June 11, 2014 Monthly Meeting Min

Present: Bill Zinck Jr, Chair; Iris Tolliver, Clerk Treasurer; Brenda Mulrooney, Commissioner; Wynand Baerken, Commissioner; Michael Heisler, Vice-Chair; Bill Nauss, Commissioner; Dave Richardson, Fire Chief


1.0 Call to Order
Chair Zinck called the monthly meeting to order at 7:00 pm.
2.0 Minutes from May 13, 2014
MOTION: Brenda Mulrooney moved, Bill Nauss seconded, the acceptance of the May 13, 2014 minutes. Carried.
3.0 Business Arising from the Minutes
a) Electric Car Charging Station Update
Discussion was held on the possible sites for the charger. The Stretch Diner is interested but someone else owns the property. The Legion site is also a possibility. Iris Tolliver and Wynand Baerken will look into the two sites and investigate the possibilities. Nova Scotia Power needs to be consulted and approval needs to be given by them, of any site that we are looking at.
4.0 Old Business
a) New Siren at Fire Hall
Bill Nauss stated that the pole is in, and guide wires will need to be installed, as well the speakers are also in. The company is able to complete the installation/setup of the siren/speakers either the week of June 23rd or June 30th. It takes approximately 2 days for installation and 3 days testing and calibrating the sound/speakers. Education will need to be held as well as the need for discussion on having signals for various emergencies. The system is expandable and will need to be investigated some more.
Iris Tolliver will ask Jason Snow, Project Manager, to come to the July meeting to discuss the options available with the system.
b) Report on Sewer
Brenda Mulrooney wasn’t at the Wednesday’s meeting, but MODC had adopted the new rate structure and so there will be a fixed rate in residential and commercial is a fixed rate plus EDU system, pending on number of washrooms and nature of their business.
The Village’s Solicitor has written a letter to MODC re the surplus. There are a number of capital projects that could be done with the surplus money, to the sewer system and we are waiting to hear back from MODC regarding the letter as we would be willing to talk with MODC about these issues.
5.0 Reports
a) Fire Chief’s Report
Chief Richardson stated that since the last Commission meeting there was 1 Medical call to Hubbards, which was called off; 3 MVAs, 1 medical, 1 forest fire, a landfill fire, and picked up the hose at the landfill. The 2 big fires took 19 hours in total for the fire fighters that showed up for both fires.
The fireboat will be going in the water very shortly.
Our members that attended FDIC, set in on some lectures by former chief Tom Bremner and 10 members took first aid.
An application has gone into ESPF, Emergency Service Provider Fund for the lake boat.
The membership is wondering the status of the 2 Fords, once the new truck arrives. Chief Richardson would like to see the two trucks sold to make room in the hall for the hose rack and tidy up the floor.
Chief Richardson would like to know what will be done with the building that houses the old truck, as it needs a lot of work and is starting to become an eyesore.
The garbage is also an issue that the Chief Richardson would like to see addressed. Employees should take the garbage out instead of a volunteer fire fighter.
Discussion was held on the two trucks that will be sold. Interest in buying the trucks has been expressed by several individuals.
Iris Tolliver spoke on the garbage issue and will have the issue resolved.
b) Fire Advisory
Bill Zinck reported that the meeting is next Wednesday night, June 18th, and nothing has changed during the last 4 months, but is expecting changes at the next meeting.
c) Clerk Treasurer Report
Iris Tolliver reported that the election went really well this year. A few small issues, one being next election may be held in the meeting room. Results of the vote, 235 voters turned out, which was unprecedented, with results of Bill Zinck Jr – 139 and Tom Mulrooney – 96.
Iris Tolliver is looking for permission to use the budget for the census of $3000 for hire enumerations through Elections Canada, to get an up to date census. Discussion was held on this issue.
Commissioners agreed to a census/enumeration being carried out.
Iris Tolliver has received calls on the Fire Boat as the electors who live in outside areas who pay the tax, would like the boat in the water now. Chief Richardson said it will be put in the water, as soon as muffler repairs done. Chief Richardson said the boat has never been put in during lobster season, but will soon be in the water. The tax payers would like to see the boat in the water sooner. Iris Tolliver will put Boat Committee in the reports next February or March, to ensure it is in earlier.
The camera at the Lido, is not usable again. Nerds on Site are suggesting another way to use the security camera. Discussion was held. Iris Tolliver will discuss this issue with Ben Wiper.
There was a commotion at the Public Washrooms yesterday; public washroom had clothes all over the area, and a scooter was in the washroom. Discussion was held.
Iris Tolliver will call the RCMP Sergeant and discuss this issue with him and signage will be installed.
The Fire Service Contract is at a point that the Commissioners are now needed. Discussion was held on the issue. Iris Tolliver will get the contract to the Commissioners and make them aware of when the meeting will happen.
Larry Chisholm, ISO, suggested that the VOC should have an off site server. Iris Tolliver was discussing this with Ben Wiper about this and Ben suggested the private cloud would be the solution and Iris reviewed the information with the Commissioners.
MOTION: Brenda Mulrooney moved, Bill Nauss seconded, to go with an offsite server. Carried.

Iris Tolliver had a call from Eastlink to use the tower at the Fire Hall. They looked at the tower and realized it was too short. So Iris met with him this morning.

Eastlink would:
 Install a new tower and take down the short tower. It could be used to hook up the Voice Integration service;
 documents such as permits will be taken care of by Eastlink
 Eastlink would lease, easement (which VOC cannot do) or licensing
 Eastlink engineers would sign-off and insure the soundness of the structure, maintain it, and inspect it twice a year.
 40 watt antenna which would be metered by Eastlink, and no cost to the VOC
 Process could start as soon as agreement reached and could be done within 30 days
Discussion was held.
Iris Tolliver will contact Eastlink. And set up an evening meeting in the very near future.
d) Financial Report
Iris Tolliver distributed the financial reports to the Commissioners present and the reports were reviewed.
Meeting pay for Commissioners was discussed. Iris Tolliver will do a meeting pay sheet that will be distributed at all meetings, and then meeting pay will happen from these sheets.
MOTION: Wynand Baerken moved, Bill Nauss seconded, the financial report. Carried.
e) PAC Report
Commissioner Baerken stated that he wasn’t present at the meeting. Commissioner Brenda Mulrooney was there as a resident and stated that an application re low visibility due to dormer on a roof was discussed.
6. New Business
a) Wynand Baerken brought two items for discussion, that weren’t on the agenda.
1) Green Bins – Can we get a cleaning service to clean the compost bins when every week pickup begins next summer (2015). GE Trucking can do this as well. This would have to be tendered for the budget 2015/16.
2) Fire Works – July 1st fireworks would be good to have in the Village next year.
It would attract people and would be great for the Village.
It was agreed to look at it and possibly put in budget next year and to hire someone to do it
b) Committees
Human Resource – Brenda Mulrooney, Bill Zinck Jr
Truck Committee – Bill Nauss, Michael Heisler
Planning Advisory Committee (PAC) – Wynand Baerken
Fire Advisory Committee – (FAC) – Bill Zinck Jr. and Bill Nauss , alternate Brenda Mulrooney
Audit Committee – Bill Zinck Jr., Bill Nauss, Wynand Baerken
Water Shed Committee – Wynand Baerken
Utilities – Brenda Mulrooney
Lido Complex – Brenda Mulrooney, Michael Heisler
RCMP Committee – (when invited) Wynand Baerken, alternate Brenda Mulrooney
Parking Committee – Benda Mulrooney
Properties Committee – Bill Nauss, Brenda Mulrooney, Bill Zinck Jr.

7. Correspondence:
1 – A letter was received by Iris, from the Department of Justice stating she is a Commissioner of Oath, which means she can sign at no charge for Village Residents.
MOTION: Bill Nauss moved, Wynand Baerken seconded, to accept the correspondence. Carried.

Business from the agenda concluded at 8:25 pm

Questions from Electors pertaining to this meeting’s agenda:
There were no questions from the electors.
Chief Richardson had two more items:
1. Chief Richardson also stated the pump has been received for Truck #551, and expressed his thanks for this.
2. Chief Richardson stated that with the new insulation and new windows in the hall, it is very hot. Discussion was held on this issue. An air conditioner will be purchased out of Hall Maintenance budget.

MOTION: Bill Nauss moved, Wynand Baerken seconded, the meeting adjourned at 8:30 pm.



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