August 13, 2014 Monthly Meeting Minutes

Village of Chester Commission
Regular Monthly Meeting
August 13, 2014

Present: Iris Tolliver, Clerk Treasurer; Brenda Mulrooney, Commissioner; Wynand Baerken, Commissioner; Bill Nauss, Commissioner; William Zinck Jr, Chair; Michael Heisler, Vice Chair; Dave Richardson, Fire Chief; Everett Hiltz, Deputy Fire Chief; Blake Corkum, Captain of Engine Company
Regrets: Morgan Stevens, Assistant Deputy Fire Chief

1.0 Call to Order
Chair Zinck called the monthly meeting to order at 7:00 pm.
2.0 Minutes from June 11, 2014
MOTION: Bill Nauss moved, Brenda Mulrooney seconded, the acceptance of the July 9, 2014 minutes.
3.0 Business Arising from the Minutes
In Camera Meeting
Iris Tolliver stated that on April 29, 2014 Bill #51 was passed which allowed In Camera meetings for
On July 24, 2014, the Village of Chester held an In Camera meeting with their Solicitor Piotr Luczak in
attendance to discuss matters relating to (1) Pump Out station; (2) Fire Service Contract; (3) A matter
for legal advice, which is eligible for Solicitor/Client privilege; (4) a matter concerning possible
Conflict of Interest.
The Commission made a decision to give instructions to our lawyer to contact the Attorney General’s
office on the matter. The Department of Justice will not entertain requests unless the Commission
passes a resolution requesting such an inquiry and the only way to make a resolution is at a Public
Commission meeting. The Commission can make that resolution this evening.
Iris Tolliver reviewed what the resolution should say and that the Commissioner in question should
refrain from voting and therefore the quorum needs to be 3 or higher
MOTION: Wynand Baerken moved, Bill Nauss seconded, that The Village of Chester Commission resolves to
instruct our solicitor, Piotr Luczak, to contact the Attorney General to do an inquiry to determine if a
Commissioner has contravened Municipal Conflict of Interest Act. Three commissioners voted in favor of
the motion, motion Carried.
4.0 Old Business
(a) Eastlink Tower
Bill DeGrace, MODC, will be introducing the Eastlink Tower proposal at a meeting tomorrow. Discussion
was held.
(b) Voice Integrated Warning System
Iris Tolliver reported that Jason Snow is at the Fire Department working on the system. There needs to
be electrical work and pole work, re guard wires. Brenda Mulrooney stated that everything should be
completed within the protocols that the ISO program is setting up.
5.0 Reports
a) Fire Chief’s Report
Chief Richardson stated that since the last meeting he had attended in June, there have been 30 calls –
1 tractor accident; 2 medical calls; 2 mutual aid calls – 1 to Blandford and 1 to Hubbards; 6 alarms; 3
boat calls; 1 garbage truck fire; 3 MVC; 8 power pole & trees on power lines; 2 smells of smoke; 1 Life
Flight Landing; and 1 structure fire.
Everett Hiltz and Dave Richardson attended the MFC convention in New Glasgow in June. Our new truck was
on display with a lot of good comments. The Mobile Burn Unit was in our area and was attended by a
number of our members.
Chief Richardson had a few issues that he would like to address – (1) the upstairs at the hall needs
something like a mini-split or some type of A/C unit. (2)The next thing is the condition of the
building that houses the old truck, it is becoming an eye sore. The Chief also asked about the siren,
but that was addressed earlier in the meeting.
There are two major things that need to be addressed – the roof of the fire hall is the first one.
Something needs to be done before winter so we don’t have any more of the ceiling tiles falling in. The
second concern is the two Fords. As the chief, I would like to see the two trucks go for the following
reasons: the need of the room in the hall for the hose dryer and to relocate our boat box; and to clean
up the equipment that is lying around on the floor that we don’t have room to store. The two trucks
were purchased at the same time so they should go together. We have a 20 year truck replacement program
and these trucks are 23 years old. Chief Richardson would like to see truck #543 go to the landfill
site and truck # 542 go to ‘Haven’ if they still want to purchase it. NFPA recommends that fire
apparatus that is 15 years and older not be used for front line fire service. Chief Richardson doesn’t
feel that we should keep #543 for a mutual aid truck or a second pumper, as that is why we have mutual
aid to help us out.
Chief Richardson said that Blake Corkum would like to speak on the two Fords also.
Blake Corkum stated that he personally feels the two trucks have served their life expectancy and space
is cramped in the hall. He does not send them out with firemen on it. A lot of work has been put off
doing to them, to try and save money as they have lived their usefulness and it is time for them to go.
Deputy Chief Everett Hiltz would like to speak on the training with the Mobile Burn Unit (MBU).
Deputy Chief Hiltz stated that the training with the MBU went well with Chester Fire Departments fire
fighters having the unit for five nights. A group of 8-10 members came out for training. Training
covered was learning how to put their gear on quickly and efficiently, bailing out of a second story
window, getting in second story windows, rescuing people, cutting roofs open, doing ventilation with the
saws, with the axes, and of course a lot of fire attack. Deputy Chief Hiltz stated it was a good five
days of training for the members.
Discussion was held.
Clerk Treasurer Iris Tolliver will send a letter of thanks to the property owner, from the Village
Commission for having the MBU at this location.
b) Fire Advisory
Chair Zinck stated that nothing has changed since last month, and a meeting is scheduled for next week.
Iris Tolliver stated that as planned in the budget, she will be placing an ad to fill a position that
was discussed for Fire Service Manager and she is suggesting the closing be September 15, 2014. Iris
worked with the Fire Chief and the ISO Facilitator and came up with a job description and
c) Clerk Treasurer Report
Job qualifications, which were distributed to the Commissioners as approval is needed to advertise.
Discussion was held.
Iris will talk to Georg Ernst of Grant Thornton to discuss the position and criteria. Deputy Chief
Hiltz stated there are similar local jobs are at Brooklyn, Windsor and Wolfville.
Iris Tolliver stated that the decorative pole and light fixture that was damaged, is not covered by
insurance. A quote was received from Black & MacDonald to replace it – $7122. + HST. This pole was
damaged through a hit & run and the integrity of the pole has been compromised.
The electric car charging station grant has been delayed due to vacations. Iris will get pricing on
excavating and then once received the project can begin, as there was a motion made to go ahead and do
it, and take it from HST rebate if the grant doesn’t come through.
The picket fence at the JIB lot needs to be replaced.
The LED speed sign has been ordered and the cost with taxes in, it is $5622.93 and the budget is $8000
so there is not enough budget to buy two.
Discussion was held on the unit.
The VOC carries Environmental insurance of one million dollars, but MODC would like VOC to have five
million. The one million presently covered is $1400/year and as the amount of coverage goes up, the
price comes down.
The Fire Hall roof had 3 more bundles of shingles replaced after the last storm. Water came down
through insulation that was just installed and bowed the ceiling which will probably have to be repaired
and new insulation installed. It appears that the roof needs to be replaced. An independent roofer is
going to inspect the roof and report back as to whether the roof has to be completely replaced or not.
Iris stated there is $250,000.00 in reserve that could be used if needed.
Discussion was held.
It was decided to have the Properties committee to look at the building, roof needs, wet insulation
removed, type of roofing, shingles or steel.
Iris will look into the shingle provider as 6 years is not acceptable for shingles to be deteriorating.
d) Financial Report
Iris stated that she emailed copies of bank statements to the Commissioners and distributed the
reconciliation reports. Iris will forward the reconciliation reports. Also the activity report will be
MOTION: Wynand Baerken moved, Mike Heisler seconded, the acceptance of the Financial Reports. Carried.
e) PAC Report
There should be a meeting soon
6. New Business
a) Bill Nauss would like the Commission, with the assistance of legal adviser, to prepare and adopt
a by-law to ensure that all Commissioners, in the future, follow the Municipal Act and Village by-laws.
Discussion was held on this issue.
Iris suggested that perhaps something can be added to the Commissioners’ Handbook that you sign off that
you are going to make yourself familiar with the Conflict of Interest Act and the Municipal Government
Act that pertains to Villages.
b) Bill Nauss also discussed that the Commission, internally, review what the VOC does, to ensure
the Commission is not in violation of the Municipal Act of anything the Commission does. Bill Nauss
would like to see this done to eliminate the public perception of wrong doing in the community.
Discussion was held. Iris Tolliver will have a copy of ISO program be distributed to the Commissioners
of the procedures to date. Iris will also talk to the Commissions’ solicitor Piotr Luczak.
c) Sidewalk Salting
Commissioner Mulrooney seen the Sidewalk Salting contract is open. A few years ago, the Commission had
wanted to salt the sidewalks. What does this present Commission wish – apply to salt ourselves or leave
as is? It was decided to ask MODC what their intentions are with the sidewalk salting.
7. Correspondence:
>Letter received from MODC regarding the 2014/15 Council Grant that we received. A brief report was
requested, so Iris Tolliver sent that letter off to Pam Myra
>Letter received from Atlantica Hotel, regarding the 7th Annual Volunteer Appreciation Dinner, Nov 3/14,
and it was decided to continue to sponsor two tables. A member of the Commission is asked to attend.
>Two letters were received from Matt Davidson, to property owners regarding Chester Sewer System service
>Letter from Pam Myra, addressed to Commissioner Baerken, re his appointment to the Planning & Advisory
Business from the agenda concluded at 8:06 pm

Questions from Electors pertaining to this meeting’s agenda:
1) Nancy Hatch asked for clarification on the position for the Fire Department and the pay scale:
Chair Zinck stated that the position is in the budget to help the Fire Department out with the day to
day operations. Pay scale is not decided at present. Money was put in the budget for possible paid
positions, however, no decisions have been made at present.
2) Nancy Hatch inquired on the speed signs – are they not rentable from RCMP or DOT:
Iris Tolliver stated that the Commission had decided to purchase the sign and that it would always be
3) Joanne Grant stated the Chamber received a letter for MODC, asking for sponsorship of ‘flag bucket’.
Is the Village aware of this:
The cost is approximately $450. ‘Flag Bucket’ is where there is a
bucket with a flag in it on the side of the road by a crosswalk, and when someone needs to go across,
they would pick up the flag and when they have crossed the road, the flag would be deposited in the
bucket on the side of the road.
4) Joy Caulkin suggested if the stop signs were changed it might be a good idea:
Brenda Mulrooney stated that several years ago, she did a walk-about with DOT and these areas were
looked at and the answer was “no”. Joy suggested that maybe it could be asked again of the DOT.
5) Joy Caulkin asked about the ‘Sidewalk Salting’:
Chair Zinck stated that some streets are salt and some are sand only.
6) Kerry Keddy is not an elector but is on the PAC and feels this should be raised here at the VOC meeting
that there has been an increase in Motor Homes, and trailers on Water Street.

MOTION: Brenda Mulrooney moved, Bill Nauss seconded, the meeting adjourned at 8:25 pm.

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