Minutes, September 10, 2014

Village of Chester Commission
Regular Monthly Meeting September 10, 2014

Present: Brenda Mulrooney, Commissioner; Wynand Baerken, Commissioner; Bill Nauss, Commissioner; William Zinck Jr, Chair; Michael Heisler, Vice Chair; Dave Richardson, Fire Chief

Regrets: Iris Tolliver, Clerk Treasurer; Everett Hiltz, Deputy Fire Chief; Morgan Stevens, Assistant Deputy Fire Chief

1.0 Call to Order
Chair Zinck called the monthly meeting to order at 6:59 pm.
Chair Zinck stated the Agenda was adjusted:
– 3. Business Arising from Minutes
– (a) In Camera meeting of August 19, 2014 will become 3 (b) and then Conflict will be 3 (a)
– 4 Old Business (a) is Fire Hall Roof and under 7 (a) New Business is Fire Hall Roof and renovations – the Old Business item is eliminated and then one agenda item under 7 (a) Fire Hall roof and renovations
– 7 (b) Village Citizens group re sewer agenda item has been withdrawn.
2.0 Minutes from August 13, 2014
MOTION: Brenda Mulrooney moved, Wynand Baerken seconded, the acceptance of the Aug 13, 2014 minutes.
3.0 Business Arising from the Minutes
a) Conflict
Chair Bill Zinck Jr. read the following:
Conflict of Interest, September 10, 2014
To Whom It Concerns:
Under the Municipal Government Act of the Province Conflict of Interest Act I was declare when I feel I
could be in Conflict!
I William Zinck am declaring conflict of interest in the matter of the Fire Department position the Village
Commissioner’s is making for several different function, not sure of them all and I don’t think it is all
laid out at this point. Reason for the conflict is that I am told that I have the right to apply if I really
want to. And the main reason I declaring is to whom the person that gets hired will be implementing
procedures that I as a firefighter will have to follow, knowing this person will be working under the Clerk
as part of their Day to Day business and at this point I really enjoy helping the community as a firefighter
and a commissioner.
Thank You William Zinck
b) In Camera Meeting of August 19, 2014
In Iris Tolliver’s absence, Brenda Mulrooney gave a report on the Sewer Meeting.
VOC’s legal counsel attended the meeting and stated the Statue of Limitations had run out for taking action
against the Municipality of Chester as 25 days had passed in regards to the sewer rates. The $350,000.00 has
not been addressed, and verbally it has been said that it will be used on the Chester Sewer system. The
Commission has dropped the issue of rates unless the residents wish otherwise.
Wynand Baerken stated that it was discussed of having a Feasibility study carried out by students who could
make this a business study to see if was feasible and what the rates would be as compared to the present EDU
4.0 Old Business
b) Fire Truck #542 & #543
Chair Zinck stated to deal with #543 first and that it has been talked about going to the Landfill site.
Chair Zinck asked for a motion to send it to the landfill site. Wynand Baerken asked what bids have been
received on the trucks. Chair Zinck stated that #543 has been discussed with MODC to give to the Landfill
and in the negotiations the VOC will get a surplus truck in the spring.
Bill Nauss asked if there is a fire at the Landfill, will the truck be accessible for the firemen.
Dave Richardson stated that the truck will be in their heated building and essentially will be a set up
truck until CFD gets there.
MOTION: Bill Nauss moved, Wynand Baerken seconded to give truck #543 to the Landfill Site. Carried.
Dave Richardson will look after getting the truck sent out.
Fire Truck #542 is in at Western Shore Fire Department now.
Dave Richardson said that they are very interested in the truck, and are waiting to hear back from the
Commission. CFD took off the truck what was needed for CFD and the manifold will be taken off the truck and
going to LP in their pump station for water supply.
MOTION: Bill Nauss moved, Wynand Baerken seconded, to sell #542 to Western Shore Fire Department for
$2500.00. Carried.
Chair Zinck stated that insurance and registration will need to be transferred when Iris Tolliver comes
back. Dave Richardson said #543 will be going to the Landfill Site tomorrow.
5.0 Reports
a) Fire Chief’s Report
Chief Richardson stated items in his report have been taken care of in the early part of this meeting,
however, since the last meeting, there have been 6 calls – consisting of 3 alarms; 1 MVC; 1 garbage fire;
and 1 electrical smell.
Truck #531 is now in service and has gone on its first run. Most equipment is on the truck and looking good.
There are a few things yet to be received and installed.
Fire prevention is soon here and there will be a display at Shore Mall parking lot on Sunday, October 5, 14.
All departments in the Municipality will be involved. Truck #543 is now ready to go to a new home and #542
is still over in Western Shore. Western Shore fire has expressed interest in purchasing #542 for their
Our members are wondering about the status of the siren and what is going on with the hall. The next 2
months we have a mock exercise at Shoreham and a propane scenario at LP.
b) Fire Advisory
Chair Zinck stated that EAP was discussed, which is an employee contact line that they can call for
different services. MODC is willing to have all fire departments in the Municipality join for $25 per fire
fighter, per year. Chair Zinck told the committee that this will be discussed at budget time.
Commission Go To Book – Bruce is trying to do this with the website to allow looking at the SOPs that they
have done and all the guidelines of Fire Advisory.
A formal letter was created, to thank any commissioners getting off the Fire Advisory, which could be sent
to them to thank them.
Council GOG 008 was approved, it was on Critical Incident Stress.
They made a department and fire fighters’ recognition policy. They would give a medal to any fire fighter
who does thirty years in the Municipality.
The volunteer dinner and fire prevention were discussed.
c) Clerk Treasurer Report
There is no report to distribute.
d) Financial Report
There is no financial report.
e) PAC Report
There has not been a meeting.
5. New Business
a) Fire Hall Roof and Renovations
Brenda Mulrooney reported that Bill Nauss and her met at the Fire Hall and had a look, as if major
renovations would be needed in 2-5 years’ time. Bill Nauss did a scope of what the visit was about at the
Fire Hall. Then Brenda Mulrooney went and received prices on replacing the roof as it is.
The review was on the Fire Hall, both inside and outside with a focus on the following:
-Truck bay area, both now and future, including increased storage and organized areas of storage in the truck
bay and elsewhere.
-Increased and/or refurbished office space and washrooms
-The present roof
-Existing building roof, building height and perimeter
Thought was given to, possibly lifting the sloping roof, (towards the EHC), since the roof has to be done
before winter, to possibly lifting the roof a few feet and restructuring. If we got some prices on lifting
the roof now, there may be funds to do that now.
Generally it was felt that the existing building requires a great deal of planning with regards to necessary
renovations. The existing building’s drawings need to be located and investigate possible proposals. Short
and long term options need to be investigated.
Chair Zinck suggested if the Commission feels to move ahead with that then a tender package should be put
Commissioner Nauss felt someone should do up a proposal and to figure out what is to be done, as there are
several different options.
Chair Zinck asked if there was someone around to do this. A few names given and Brenda Mulrooney said they
will ask around and see who is suggested.
The wet insulation has been removed, and new has not been put in as it may just get wet again.
Chair Zinck asked what the actions will be.
Commissioner Nauss stated someone is needed to do up a few proposals and figure out what is going to be done
in the future. So there is a lot to be done in the next month.
6. Correspondence:
a Letter received from Scotia Business Centre advising of a rate increase effective December 1, 2014.
b An email was received from David Stevenson, regarding grant application for car charger, stating that he
heard by word of mouth that no funds will be allocated. This we have not received in writing.
MOTION: Commissioner Wynand Baerken moved, Commissioner Brenda Mulrooney seconded, to accept the
correspondence. Carried.
7. Any Other Business
a) ANSV AGM Sept 19-20/14
Brenda Mulrooney asked the Commissioners if anyone wanted to go to the AGM for the ANSV. Chair Zinck and
Commissioner Nauss stated they would be interested in attending on Saturday the 20th of September.
b) Eastlink Tower
Chair Zinck wanted to report that the Eastlink Tower has gone to Public Hearings with MODC. Commissioner
Nauss stated the speakers have to be erected soon. The Eastlink Tower may or may not be erected for a year or
more. The system is in the hall and the next step would be to get the guide wires on and speakers up.
c) Car Charger
Chair Zinck asked if the electric car charger is in yet. It was said it will be put in tomorrow, September
11, 2013.
d) ISO
Commissioner Nauss would like to get up to speed with Mr. Chisholm. The Clerk Treasurer is off sick at
present, however he would like to see no more happen until a meeting can be arranged.
Commissioner Nauss is concerned with the cost and time involved, and feels ISO is meant for manufacturing
facilities. Commissioner Nauss stated that he has concerns about ISO and that the Fire Department shouldn’t
have to do this.
MOTION: Commissioner Bill Nauss moved a two part motion, that due to the absence of the Village Commission
Clerk, we temporarily suspend the review and discussions related to the proposed ‘maintenance positon’ at the
Fire Hall, until the Clerk, Iris Tolliver, returns; and (part b) that due to the absence of the Village
Commission Clerk, we temporarily suspend all work relating to ISO until our Clerk, Iris, returns and further
discussions between the Village Commissioners and Larry Chisholm, the ISO Coordinator, have been arranged and
carried out, this includes proposed meetings with the Fire Department officers.
Brenda Mulrooney asked if there was room for discussion. Chair Zinck said everyone will have chance to
discuss once.
Brenda Mulrooney stated that it was an approved budgetary item. She was speaking with Larry Chisholm and he
stated that there has been no work done since June, nor has he billed for it. He said he has been at a
stalemate and meeting with Fire Department trying to get SOPs (Standard Operating Procedure) as he does not
manufacture SOPs, that is for the various groups to tell him how they operate and then he will put it in
format. Brenda Mulrooney stated that she feels that the Commission is delving in Iris’s business when we
start to derail work that has been ongoing because it has been approved and money has been allotted for ISO.
Dave Richardson stated that with the ISO and the Fire Department, there have been a couple of times that
Larry Chisholm didn’t show up. Since that time, the Fire Department SOP committee has been abolished. Dave
Richardson would like to have it in the minutes that there are only two volunteer services in all of Canada
that is ISO certified. Dave Richardson stated that he spoke with Larry about 3 weeks ago, and he told Larry
that “we are volunteers, we have only so many hours in a day, week, and
Chair Zinck asked Dave Richardson if he would still be interested in meeting with Mike Eddy, and discuss the
position with him? Dave Richardson felt he already gave his points of what this position should be.
Chair Zinck stated that Mike Eddy and the Fire Department officers should meet and Larry Chisholm should deal
with the Commissioners.
Brenda Mulrooney stated that Mike Eddy wants to meet with the Fire Department officers and talk with them;
Dave Richardson stated that he would like to have the commissioners at the meeting. The meeting is scheduled
for September 18th, 2014, at 7:00 pm, between Chester Fire Department Chief and officers and Mike Eddy. Dave
Richardson would like a copy of the meeting minutes between Mike Eddy, Iris Tolliver, and Commissioners.
Maxine Veinot will take minutes of the Sept 18/14, 7:00 pm meeting.
Commissioner Nauss withdrew the motion but wants to see ISO work to date before next meeting.
Maxine Veinot will also set up a meeting with Larry Chisholm and the Commissioners.
(e) Crossing Guard
Commissioner Nauss asked how many Crossing Guards do we have hired? Maxine Veinot stated there were two, the
regular and a back-up. Commissioner Nauss stated that there have been three different crossing guards there
and we need to make sure that they all have a Criminal Records check completed.
Commissioners would like this issue checked into and staff be made aware that the office needs to know if
anyone different is filling in and that the proper checks be done. Maxine Veinot will look into this issue.
(f) Speed Sign
Commissioner Nauss volunteered to phone and track down a speed sign. Maxine Veinot stated that the Clerk
Treasurer has already ordered the sign.

Business from the agenda concluded at 8:07 pm

Questions from Electors pertaining to this meeting’s agenda:
1) JoAnne Grant, Pig Loop Road, Chester
Has the new position been budgeted for? Commissioners stated that ‘yes’ it has been budgeted for in the
budget. JoAnne stated that she is concerned as typically when one announces a conflict they absent themselves
from all discussion and decision making. So would that not mean that any Commissioner, who did not declare a
conflict prior to this coming up, therefore would not be eligible to apply for the position?
Chair Zinck stated that the Conflict of Interest Act states that when you feel you are in a conflict you are
to declare and on the basis of what you are declaring and he wasn’t involved in any discussion at this point.
Even during budget, Chair Zinck said he wasn’t involved in discussion.
2) Nancy Oxford, Tremont Street
Fire Hall Roof and Renovations – so the roof is leaking, the insulation got wet, and now in process for bids.
Chair Zinck stated it will be going out for bids when ready. Are there any grants to help out with this?
Efficiency Nova Scotia may have something. Nancy asked if there was any warranty, and she was told ‘no’.
Ms. Oxford asked what ISO? Brenda Mulrooney stated it stands for International Standards of Operation. It is
a quality and traceability process.
3) Kerry Keddy asked why 7 (b) was not discussed. Chair Zinck stated it was asked to be removed.
4) Nancy Hatch, Central Street, Chester
ISO certification, when certified, is there an annual cost to maintaining certification standards. Brenda
Mulrooney stated that the first certification is covered with the program and then would need to be carried
out every two years.
5) JoAnne Grant, Pig Loop Road
Ms. Grant asked what the total amount to be certified was for the budget. Brenda Mulrooney said $20,000.00-
first year $10,000 and same for the second year. Ms. Grant stated that because of the additional paperwork
now an Administrator has to be hired at $40,000.00? Commissioner Baerken stated that the position is not
solely for ISO paperwork, there will be less paperwork once ISO is set up.
Commissioner Mulrooney reminded all that the Commission talked to risk management persons, legal counsel,
Terry Redden came and they were all shocked at the issues that were present and the Commission is open to
risks due to formats and protocols in which things were done. So then the Commission started to put in place
risk management systems, such as ISO.
Chair Zinck stated that some of what is heard is that some of us are questioning, we want to know what is
going on, and hopefully we can get all this solved, and understand what the good of it is and if it isn’t any
good then we can report back to the community.
Chair Zinck added that he wanted to add that he wanted a meeting with Ed Nix, as insurance is coming up the
end of October and there is a couple questions he has for him so a meeting should be set up to look at
different insurance. The biggest thing he sees is when the tower was replaced the other year, the deductible
was $5000, and the cost was $5005. So why are we insuring signs on the highway.

MOTION: Bill Nauss moved, Brenda Mulrooney seconded, the meeting adjourned at 8:27 pm.

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