The Village of Chester Commission is pleased to inform you that beginning in January of 2015, we will be having TWO monthly meetings. Our regular monthly meeting’s time and place will not be changing. It will continue to be held on the second Wednesday of every month (unless otherwise advised) at 7pm at our office at 27 Pleasant St. We have heard your concerns and are adding a second public meeting which will be held on the forth Wednesday of every month at 7pm at our office at 27 Pleasant St. The purpose of this additional monthly meeting is to create a progressive and open form of public involvement in managing the village. The focus will be on exchanging and debating ideas and opinions to make sure topics have been addressed by any resident who wishes to be involved before final decisions are made. No decisions will be made at this extra meeting. Any decision the commission makes will still be made at our regular business meeting (on the second Wednesday of the month).

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