March 25, 2015, Monthly Minutes

Village of Chester Commission
Regular Monthly Meeting
March 25, 2015

Present: Brenda Mulrooney, Commissioner; Bill Zinck, Chair; Bill Nauss, Commissioner; Michael Heisler, Vice Chair; Wynand Baerken, Commissioner; Iris Tolliver, Clerk Treasurer; Shawn Wagg, Village Coordinator
1.0 Call to Order
Chair Zinck called the monthly meeting to order at 7:00pm. Chair Zinck stated that last week’s meeting was postponed until tonight due to the snow storm. All questions are to be kept until the end of the meeting and then questions can only be asked if they are related to the agenda and there will be no exceptions.
2.0 Minutes from February 11, 2015
MOTION: Brenda Mulrooney moved, Wynand Baerken seconded, the approval of the February 11, 2015 minutes. Carried.
3.0 Additions to Agenda and Approval of Agenda
Add to #5 Reports -d – ANSV – Brenda Mulrooney
Remove #6 b Fire Department Policies
#6 b would become Create VOC Policy Committee
Add #6 New Business – c Invoicing for Fire Dept Apparatus at MVC
Add #8 e –Any Other Business –Siren

Wynand Baerken stated that he will be officially resigning as of May 1st, 2015.

MOTION: Bill Nauss moved, Wynand Baerken seconded, the acceptance of the agenda with the additions noted as presented. Carried.
4.0 Business Arising from the Minutes
a) Eastlink Tower
Chair Zinck said the Village’s solicitor responded today and there are some items to be discussed. Eastlink will be contacted to meet about this.
5.0 Reports
a) Fire Chief’s Report
Since the last commission meeting we had 11 calls consisting of 4 alarms, 3 chimney fires, 1 medical, 1 MVA, 1 mutual aid to Western Shore and a roof collapse. Our 2015/15 Budget is completed and handed over to the commission for review. WSHD new pumper will be delivered on March 28th and they are planning a parade from Chester Basin to their Fire station. They would like all departments in the Municipality to join them in the parade with a truck. I am requesting that one of your trucks be able to take part in the escort.Last month’s special practice was a walk around Hawboldt Industries and this month was out to Bonny Lee Farm which was an eye opener for a lot of the members.  One of your membership’s major concern is the siren that was on the roof of the fire station. I’m not sure why the siren was laying in the snow bank beside the fire station in pieces. I was under the understanding that the siren was going back up on the roof after the new roof was installed for a back-up for the new siren that may never get installed. Some of your members gathered up the siren and put in back of bay 3 in pieces. We would like some direction on the status of the old siren, is it going for scrap metal or is it going back up on the roof. If it is going back up on the roof, is there money to repair it. Some of your members expressed interest in helping to repair it so it would be a working piece of equipment for on your fire station. The last thing that I have is to read a clip from the paper that was given to me by a concerned resident of the Village of Chester. (Chief Richardson read a ‘Reader’s Corner’ article.

MOTION: Bill Nauss moved, Michael Heisler seconded, the acceptance of the Fire Chief’s report. Carried.
b) Financial Report
Iris Tolliver gave the financial report on the various bank accounts as of February 28/15:
EMC – $20,320.69
Fire Boat – $17,739.13
Chequing – $467,305.74
MOTION: Brenda Mulrooney moved, Wynand Baerken seconded, the Financial Report. Carried.
c) FAC Report
Bill Zinck stated that the FAC committee met with a couple of Municipal representatives for coming out of the Fiscal Review, to discuss the terms of reference. Bill Zinck stated that it had nothing to do about the contract. We wanted some information to bring back, and once Tammy gives it to us it will be passed on.
Brenda Mulrooney and Wynand Baerken asked if anything else was discussed. Bill Zinck stated ‘no’, nothing else was discussed.
Bill Zinck stated that for Fire Advisory that all the Commissions are involved in, they have approved the Terms of Reference to be re-looked at. That is all that is coming out of Fire Advisory.
Brenda Mulrooney reported that on March 10/15, a meeting was held with Minister Furey, Deputy Minister and Executive Director of Municipal Affairs. The status of villages in Nova Scotia was discussed. After the discussion we were told that we would not be forced into amalgamation or to be dissolved. Which was very good news. They were sorry that we were excluded from the talks up to that point and they said it was not their initiative. If they weren’t going to force Towns and Municipalities into amalgamation then they would treat Villages the same way.
Some of the recommendations forwarded to Municipal Services will not be dealt with when dealing with the fiscal review. They may or may not deal with them at another time.
Discussion was held on what does that leave the Village to do. A request for proposal was put out for possible amalgamation or township. It has since been revised and amalgamation removed from the RFP ad the deadline extended to March 31st.
The Commissioners were in agreement to continue with the RFP and get the study results and then vote by the electors as to proceed to township or remain as a Village.

6.0 New Business
a) Five Year Plan
Chair Zinck stated the five year plan is being worked on.
b) Create VOC Policy Committee
Brenda Mulrooney stated that the commissioners approve policies, but someone else sets the policy in writing.
Volunteers for this committee are – Bill Nauss, Brenda Mulrooney, and Michael Heisler.
c) Insurance Committee
Volunteers for this committee are Bill Nauss and Bill Zinck
Bill Nauss would like to see the Commission investigate invoicing for accidents that Chester Fire Department’s apparatus responds too. If it is a Village resident who pays taxes for this service then an invoice would not be sent.
Discussion was held.
MOTION: Bill Nauss moved, Brenda Mulrooney seconded, to investigate invoicing for fire apparatus usage during highway accidents. Carried.
7.0 Request for Proposal
a) Feasibility Study Proposal
An amendment has been sent out to the original contacts for response by March 31st, 2015, 12 noon.
8.0 Any Other Business
a) Clerk Treasurer’s Report
The Fire Hall roof is completed. The siren had to come off for the roof to be done, and it got away from the workers and it fell into a snowbank. Iris stated that it has been moved and she doesn’t know where it is. Dave Richardson said it was in the back of the hall in bay 3. Insurance was discussed on this issue. Iris will check out an insurance claims.
Requests for quotes on purple wave petunias, Village Nursery will be supplying the flower baskets.
A boat committee was decided to be created back in Feb-March, 2014. The rate payers wanted to see the boat in the water earlier than it normally is put in. This issue will be researched as to a cage for the outboard motor. This item will be discussed at next month’s meeting.
Iris mentioned that a comment was made to have the electors of the Village canvassed re Township or remain a Village. It would need to have scripts so that the questioned and canvassers are completely neutral. Does the commissioners wish to have this done. It was decided to wait till the RFP study is looked at and go from there.
b) Election 2015
As per the by-law – Election Day is the first Wednesday of each May in every year.
Paper ad re election – week of April 6th
Nomination day is April 22/15
Advance Poll – May 2/15
Election Day – May 6, 2015
There are two vacancies for this year’s election.
The Annual General meeting (AGM) will be May 27/15

c) Reserves 2014-15
MOTION: Brenda Mulrooney moved, Wynand Baerken seconded, that the reserves of the 2014-15 fiscal year be moved to a GIC. The amounts are (1) $120,000.00 in reserve truck replacement; (2) $49,000.00 in reserve for the Fire Hall; (3) $10,000.00 in reserve for the Lido Pool; (4) $20,000.00 in reserve for Utilities. The total funds to be moved from the operating bank account to GIC’s , is $199,000.00. Carried.
d) In Camera Meetings
Chair Zinck stated that in camera meetings were held on Feb 23, Mar 2, 11, and 16th, 2015 to do with contracts.
e) Siren – Bill Nauss
Bill Nauss will get costs and get a budget and then it must be approved by the Commission.
9.0 Correspondence
a) MODC certificate of appreciation for the Volunteerism
b) Fax from Trail strategy but the meeting date was postponed so it didn’t get done.
c) Municipal Finance Corporation received spring debenture funding
d) Received a letter from Cynthia Lamson – re the RFP status. Iris read the letter. Commissioners felt a thank-you for the letter is in order, and that some of the answers will come from the study. Iris will send the scope of study sent with the RFP.
e) Received a letter from Darcy Stevens re Lido Shortfall. The swim program gave back the Village an extra half hour during the noon public swim. Revenue loss was incurred by the swim program. The swim program would like the time back and also some lost revenue.
Discussion was held.
MOTION: Bill Nauss, Wynand Baerken seconded, to give Viola Hiltz and honorarium of $960.00. Carried.

MOTION: Wynand Baerken moved, Brenda Mulrooney seconded, receiving correspondence. Carried.
Chair Zinck moved the meeting adjourned at 8:15 pm.

9. Questions from Electors pertaining to this meeting’s agenda:
a) Ray Cambria, Central Street:
– Ray questioned the motion that passed to give money to the Swim Program – will Iris receive a financial report.
– Ray questioned the RFP and will an impact on MODC be carried out in the study. Brenda Mulrooney said the possible impact would be identified.
– Ray questioned why spend money to fix the old siren, when the new siren has been purchased. Discussion was held
– Ray questioned if the tender for flowers was put out and has it issued and awarded. Iris stated that request for the flowers were sent out to four companies. The lease expensive is Village Nursery.
– Ray questioned if the agenda, documents, etc., are posted on MODC websites. Can the Village do this too.
Iris will look into this issue.
b) Jo-Ann Grant, Pig Loop Road: Is there registration forms for the swim program and then that would tell who takes part in the program
c) Barbara Grigsby, Haddon Hill: Questioned the public swim <> 12-2 pm and 5-9pm.

d) Carol Nauss – Main Street: Carol would like to have the questioned asked to the electors about renters or owners. Brenda Mulrooney stated she had that conversation about this, and that renters are supposed to be paying their taxes through the rent.

e) Trudy Payne, Walker Cut:
– Trudy questioned the process of policies. Iris said the policies need to be discussed at a public forum, so posting in on the website before the meeting date would be a good idea.
-Trudy asked if the contractor notified the Village of the siren to removed. Did the solicitor get advised?
Are the people who will be going door to door ensured to be objective? They were selected via recommendation. However, this direction hasn’t been given by the Commission.
-RFP – Trudy asked if she could get a copy of the scope. Could it be posted on the website?
f) Gloria Nauss, Wilson Drive:
– Wouldn’t it be cheaper to mail out a paper to be completed? Iris said it would be a lot more effective if someone goes door to door.
– Gloria asked if the siren is fixable and is it going to go back up on the roof. Chair Zinck said we will see if it is fixable first.
g) Nancy Hatch, Central Street: Nancy asked why the Fire Department Policies were removed from the agenda. Chair Zinck stated that we weren’t ready to bring them forward. The policies are a work in progress and nothing is set in stone.
Discussion was held on Municipalities process on policies. Chair Zinck called the meeting to attention and stated that this is not going to be discussed as it is not on the agenda for tonight, it has been taken off.
h) Dave Richarson, Fire Chief: Dave requested an answer to taking truck #541 to Western Shore Parade. Commissioners said ‘yes’.
i) Trudy Payne, Walker Cut: Trudy asked about the 5 year plan. Chair Zinck stated that the second meeting, in the month, which has been cancelled several times, due to snow storms. Next month there will be a public forum meeting.
j) Gloria Nauss, Wilson Drive: Questioned if the old siren is fixable then what is the process to get it fixed.
Chair Zinck stated that if no money is involved, it can be fixed right away.
k) Kerry Keddy: asked if there is a policy on the fire boat. Dave Richardson said that theoretically it is basically on duty 24/7; if needed the boat would be out.
11. Adjournment
Bill Zinck adjourned the meeting 8:50 pm.

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