UNAPPROVED AGM May 26, 2015 Meeting Minutes

Village of Chester
Annual General Meeting (AGM)
May 26, 2015

Present: Iris Tolliver, Clerk Treasurer; Bill Zinck, Chair; William Nauss, Commissioner; Michael Heisler, Vice-Chair; Georg Ernst, Auditor, Grant Thornton.
Regrets: Brenda Mulrooney

1. Call to Order
Chair Zinck called the meeting to order at 7:05 pm
2. Minutes from Previous Annual Meeting
Minutes from the previous AGM of May 28, 2014 were distributed.
MOTION: Bill Nauss Moved, Michael Heisler seconded, the approval of the May 28, 2014 minutes. Carried.
3. Business Arising from the Minutes
No business arose from the minutes.
4. Reports
a) Auditor’s Report
Georg Ernst presented the draft Auditor’s Report and reviewed the financial statements. Georg stated the report is ‘draft’ until approval is given at this meeting tonight and that based on the work completed, he is reporting a ‘clean opinion’.
Mr. Ernst reviewed the Consolidated Financial Statements including amortizations, accruals, reserves, and commitments and the notes to the consolidated financial statements. The date was noted to be incorrect on page 5 and 6; Georg will have the change to the correct year in the Audited Financial Statements.
Nancy Hatch stated that the Fire Truck Reserve Fund states that the 2014 amount was $751,700.00 and 2015 amount is $171,700.00 – was that amount contributed to that specific reserve in 2015? George stated that reserves are funds put in over time, and then a new fire truck was bought from the reserves, leaving a balance of $171,700.00. Nancy asked if should state that a truck was bought, which would be more transparent. Georg stated that could be done, but the Village Commission would need to give him direction.
Georg thanked the staff for their cooperation throughout the process.
MOTION: Georg Ernst moved the adoption of his report, Michael Heisler seconded. Carried.
b) Treasurer’s Report
As the budget was approved at the last meeting, Iris stated the tax rates: fire rate is 6.48 and total Village rate is 13.86, which includes the fire rate. The rate is the result of decrease in the amount of reserves that were allocated in the budget this year.
Jo-Ann Grant asked what comparison the rate is to last year. Chair Zinck stated that last year it was 15.2
c) Chairperson’s Report
Chair Zinck stated we had quite a busy year this year. The Commission had a lot of ups and downs. The community has seen a lot of normal things done by the Commission, like the swimming pool, street lights, flowers, wreaths and the Fire Department. Thank-you very much to the Fire Department.
The Community has taken possession of a new pumper truck for the fire department to use for the protection of the community.
There were a lot of renovations done to the fire station, mostly to make the building more energy efficient.
At the Lido Pool, the Commission put an Electric Car Charger, donated thru Wynand Baerken, which was put in place in hopes to bring more people to Chester.
At the Village property on Central Street, there is going to be an Eastlink Tower erected and we will be installing our voice integrated system on it as well, better known as the emergency siren to notify the community of an emergency situation.
Two fire trucks were put into surplus equipment. Western Shore Fire Department purchased one of the trucks and it is in service within their community. The second truck went to the landfill site to assist in the fires that they have. This was for trade for a utility vehicle for use in the Village, which will be coming soon.
This year the green bin extra pick-up will start June 8th and go till September 22nd.
It is hoped that our own speed sign will be seen soon throughout the Village to slow vehicles down.
This year the Municipality has jointly entered into a July 1st fireworks show.
The fire service contract is being negotiated this year.
The fiscal review and town status was a big part of the year and the Provincial Government has stopped the possibility of town status.
The crossing guard is a great part of the school system by keeping the children and adults safe.
The Municipality approached us to take over the boat pump-out station at the Municipal wharf, which is still being investigated.
Over the last year we were trying to do policies within the commission and we seem to have some hurdles and need to jump through some hoops.
We have a lot to look forward to in the coming year. In the last part of last year we started a new form of a public meeting which has been very informative to the Village Commission. This is on the fourth Wednesday of each month, and tomorrow night is the next one.
Last but not least, we have to thank the out-going commissioners Brenda Mulrooney and Wynand Baerken for their passion for the community and hard work. The challenges we all have. The new in-coming commissioners are Ray Cambria and Dave Foley. It will be great having you help govern the Village of Chester once again.
MOTION: Bill Zinck Jr moved the adoption of the Chairperson’s report, Bill Nauss seconded. Carried.
d) Fire Chief’s Report
Good evening ladies and gentlemen, my name is Dave Richardson and I’m your Fire Chief here in Chester and this is my second year as serving as Chief in the Village.
I would like to take this time to thank Brenda and Wynand for their services on behalf of fire services.
In the last calendar year we had 117 callouts, consisting of 10 medicals, 12 rescue calls, 1 structure fire, 23 non-structure related calls, 22 motor vehicles calls, 7 mutual aide calls, 32 false alarms, and 21 other related calls.
If you check the Village website our upcoming training is posted. Anytime that you see us training – stop and watch to see what it takes to be a volunteer firefighter.
Our department just had three of our newest members complete level 1 training and one of them is going on to complete level 2.
The fireboat will soon be going in the water after it gets its summer tune-up. Our training officers have been putting a lot of time into providing training for all of our members.
There is a lot of time put into the fire service to protect the public that we serve.
I would like to thank some of the residents of the village that has supported our fire department financially over the past years.
I could go on and on about the fire service here in Chester but I’m going to stop.
I would like to welcome the two new commissioners Ray Cambria and Dave Foley to the team.
The last thing that I would like to say is that I’m proud to be serving Chief of the Chester Volunteer Fire Department.
MOTION: Dave Richardson moved the adoption of his report, Michael Heisler seconded. Carried.
e. Lido Swim Program Report
Darcy Hiltz read the report for Viola Hiltz.
Good evening Ladies, Gentlemen and Commissioners:
Another year has passed. We had a great summer last year. All went very well.
Swim lessons were held for three – 3 week sessions.
We are getting ready for the 2015 Water Safety Program at the Chester Lido Pool.
Lessons start June 25, 2015. Registration for the first session (3 weeks) will be held the Chester Area Middle School on June 16 from 6:00 -8:00 pm.

We will be hiring the same two instructors as last year, Daniel O’Connor and Jimmy Elewa. We received great comments from the parents. They were very pleased with the instructors as were we. The parents and the children are easy to work and I enjoy every minute of it, especially the children.
The annual swim-a-thon and fun day was held at the end of the program. The children collected pledges for a swim-a-thon and a total of approximately $1000.00 was raised. Prizes were donated by the local businesses. Pizza, drinks, treats and cakes were served, games played which everyone enjoyed. I would like to thank those who donated, parents and children.
As always, I hear remarks all the time what a unique and wonderful pool we have. It is great for children to learn water safety, a place to enjoy the outdoors, recreational swimming and the great scenery.
I would like to thank the commissioners for the upkeep of the pool and the use of the pool for water safety lessons. As most of the children live near the water, it is important that they know water safety skills.
Many thanks for the continued support from the Commissioners and the Public.
Viola Hiltz, Administrator, Chester District Swim Program
MOTION: Darcy Hiltz moved the adoption of the report, Bill Nauss seconded. Carried.
5. New Business
a) Appointment of Auditors for the Coming Year
Chair Zinck asked Georg Ernst if he was willing to be the auditor for 2015-16 fiscal year. Georg said ‘yes’ they would be willing.
MOITION: Bill Nauss moved, Michael Heisler seconded, the Auditors for 2015-16, be Grant Thornton. Carried.
b) Election of Commissioners
Chair Zinck stated that an election wasn’t needed, the two candidates were in my acclamation. A welcome was extended to the two new commissioners – Ray Cambria and Dave Foley.
6. Adjournment
MOTION: Bill Nauss moved, Michael Heisler seconded, the adjournment of the meeting at
7:40 pm. Carried.


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