Greetings all,
Well, summer has finally arrived, according to the calendar at least. Lots has been happening in the Village this spring. We have two (somewhat) new Commissioners, Ray Cambria and Dave Foley. It is a pleasure to welcome them back to the Commission after an eight year hiatus.

You may have noticed activity at the Lido Pool. The Pool is having some repairs to the outside wall. The winter tides have taken a toll and the repairs are necessary. However, the pool will be ready to open on schedule the week of June 22. The Red Cross Swimming Program will be holding swimming lessons from Thursday June 25, 2015 to Thursday August 27, 2015. Hopefully the sun in the sky reads this newsletter and will then decide to send some heat for the water. Our lifeguard, Logan Robertson will be back with us again this year. Public swim is from 12:00 – 2:00 pm and 5:00 – 9:00 Monday to Friday and from 11:00am to 9:00pm. Our public washrooms are also open. They will be opened until November 11 from 8 till 8 every day. (During the months of July and August, the washrooms will be kept opened until 9pm).

At our Fire Hall, Eastlink is erecting a communication tower. This will benefit the Village as it has been made available to house our Voice Integrated Warning System. This system fully integrates emergency and general-purpose broadcast functions. It is a combined emergency voice alarm system and public address system. The system will be installed and ready to be tested the week of July 13th. The decibels from this system should not be of concern to the residents in close proximity to the fire hall.

BIG NEWS, the Village of Chester Commission has teamed with MODC’s Senior Economic Development Officer, Marianne Gates, to organize a fireworks display on July 1st. Several sponsors have stepped up to the plate and collectively have matched the Commission’s commitment to the event. Sponsors include, the Yacht Club, the Rope Loft, the Village Merchants, Kiwi Café, Oceanview Garden Center and Landscaping, Double Take Hair Design and Councillor Brad Armstrong. The Yacht Club has also offered their barge to use for launching the fireworks off Reddens Can. Additionally our Fire Chief, Dave Richardson, has agreed to have a crew of fire fighters out on the water to ensure there are no incidents that could result in property damage. Sergeant Stephen MacQueen will be patrolling in the RCMP boat as well. There will be a “no go zone” that will be kept free of any boaters who may venture out to watch from the water. Safety will be the primary concern and so we have hired Fireworks FX to put on the show professionally. Should be a fun time for everyone with the exception of perhaps a few of the dogs in the Village. Regrettably, we cannot do much about that except give you dog owners the heads up about this event. You may find it helpful to speak to your Veterinarian to see if there is something they could suggest that will ease your dog’s anxiety.
The Commission meetings are open to the public and are held regularly on the second Wednesday of every month. The meetings are generally cancelled in July and August, however that decision is not made until the week before. If there is a decision made to cancel the public meeting, a notice will be placed on our web site, on our bulletin board at 27 Pleasant St (outside our office) and on our office door. If available, the notice will also be place on the community board at the intersection of Duke St and Pig Loop Rd. Electors of the Village are encouraged to attend the public meeting and are given opportunity to voice concerns and ideas to the Commissioners. Every effort is made to have the agenda posted on our web site on the Wednesday prior to the meeting. Relevant background information on agenda items are placed on the web site two days prior. This allows for review of the matters to be discussed at the meeting. There is usually no agenda for the Public Forum meeting which is held on the 4th Wednesday of every month. The purpose of this meeting is to allow electors to discuss freely whatever is on their mind. There will be no Public Forum meetings for the months of July and August.
Our website address is: villageofchester.orgIf any community groups would like to have any notice added to our newsletter, please contact our office and we will be happy to add your notice to our newsletter. Our newsletter is published quarterly.

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