Regular Monthly Meeting April 8, 2015

Village of Chester Commission
Regular Monthly Meeting
April 8, 2015
Present: Iris Tolliver, Clerk Treasurer; Brenda Mulrooney, Commissioner; Bill Nauss, Commissioner;
Michael Heisler, Vice Chair; Bill Zinck, Chair
Regrets: Wynand Baerken, Commissioner

1.0 Call to Order
Chair Zinck called the meeting to order at 7:05 pm. Chair Zinck said that the order of the meeting is going to be changed from the last meetings.
2.0 Approval of Minutes
a) MOTION: Brenda Mulrooney moved, Michael Heisler seconded, the approval of the March 25, 2015 minutes as distributed. Carried.
3.0 Additions to the Agenda & Approval of Agenda
Chair Zinck stated that as a result of public feedback, the ‘Questions from Electors Pertaining to the Agenda’ item will be held after the approval of the agenda.
New Business – (b)- Purchasing policy – Bill Zinck
Correspondence – (b) – Brenda Mulrooney
Business Arising – (c) – Roof – Bill Nauss
“ “ – (d) – HR – Bill Nauss
MOTION: Bill Nauss moved, Michael Heisler seconded, the approval of the agenda. Carried.
4.0 Questions from Electors pertaining to the agenda
> Nancy Hatch, Central Street: Discussion was held on the “Questions from Electors pertaining to the agenda” item being moved. Chair Zinck stated that at the next meeting this change will be more applicable as items pertaining to the agenda will be posted prior to the meeting so the public will see the policies, etc., which will be discussed. Chair Zinck stated that by-laws need two readings, but policies only need one reading, as per MGA.
>Carol Nauss, Main Street: As the question period has been moved, but the agenda items are not posted on the website, as they will be next month, then there is not a lot of discussion to be had till next month. After discussion


4.0 Questions from Electors pertaining to the agenda (continued)
>Carol Nauss, Main Street:
Chair Zinck asked if Commissioners had any problem with leaving the Question Period at the end of the meeting. No Commission voiced disagreement.
>Trudy Payne, Walker Cut: Trudy questioned the Elector Question Period only pertaining to the agenda. Chair Zinck stated that if she wanted to speak on an item that is not on the agenda, then she can email or call and ask to speak on her issue. Trudy stated that most meetings the issue that the public can discuss is open to any topic. Chair Zinck stated that she could state her issue and then the Commission may have to research and get back to her. Also the Public Forum meeting could also be used as it is open to the Public for whatever they wish to discuss. Trudy stated that she felt the 15 minutes of Public Input should be just that.
> Carol Nauss, Main Street: asked if issues from the Public Forum meetings will be put on the agenda for the next Commission meeting. Several Commissioners stated that those issues are supposed to put forward to the next meeting. Carol Nauss stated at the last Public Forum discussion was held on possible Heritage Signs, but it is not on this present meeting’s agenda. Chair Zinck stated that this issue could be discussed at the next Public meeting to see how these issues will be handled and taken forward.
5.0 Business arising from previous Minutes
a) Eastlink Tower
Chair Zinck stated that the Commission held an In Camera meeting with Eastlink, as some Commissioners had issues with it and the Commission is still waiting for Eastlink’s reply. Chair Zinck stated that the April 22nd, 2015 meeting will be opened at first and dealing with the Eastlink issue, and then closing the meeting to then hold the Public Meeting.
MOTION: Bill Nauss moved, Michael Heisler seconded, to hold a special meeting on April 22, 2015,to deal with the Eastlink issue and then go into the Public Forum meeting. Carried.
b) Siren
Bill Nauss stated that the Siren shroud has been delivered for repair.
MOTION: Whereas, the siren at the Chester Fire Hall was damaged during construction of the new roof, I Bill Nauss this 8th of April 2015 move that, the Village of Chester Commission shall make all necessary repairs and reinstall the siren once again on the Fire Hall roof. The Siren shall be painted a color to match the new roof and will be utilized as an emergency backup system. Michael Heisler seconded.
Discussion was held.
Item for discussion at Public Forum meeting

Motion – Special Meeting prior to Public Forum Apr 22/15

Motion – Siren repairs
5.0 Business arising from previous Minutes (continued)
a) Siren (continued)
Brenda Mulrooney stated that from the Report from Nova Scotia Hearing that said the siren exceeded the acceptable decibel levels. At a meeting after receiving the report, a motion was made to which came to a split vote. The deciding vote was Chair Mulrooney who asked for the public to write in stating their “for or against”.
The public result was a 50/50 decision. So the Commission chose to find an alternative method of filling its space to give comfort to residents and Fire Department. A lot of money has been spent on a nice siren that has the capabilities to do all kinds of wonderful things.
At the same time there was an audit carried out at the fire hall and the roof was almost one of the last issues to be taken care of from the audit. A new roof has been installed and the Department was told the siren would have to come down for a short time. When carrying out the study on sirens it was found that there are Departments all across North America that do not use old air raid sirens. At the time two motions were made:
The first motion stated to – that the Village of Chester keep an emergency sounding device, but eliminate the current device used at the Fire Hall. In the interim keep the existing siren as backup if the paging system should go down, Brenda Mulroony moved, Wynand Baerken seconded.
The second motion stated that due to the result of the sound decibel test, the existing siren be discontinued immediately and then start a 30 day research period to find an appropriate alternative device with safe decibels and to determine the location or locations for this device to be placed and that the existing device will be tested once a month, on the second Monday, at 1845 hours, for a duration of 7-10 seconds prior to the Chester Fire Department meeting to ensure that the device stays in working order, if needed, until a replacement is installed. Brenda Mulrooney moved, Bill Zinck seconded and the motion was carried.
Brenda Mulrooney stated that it was never intended to stay as a backup for ever. It was only going to be a backup until the new one was installed. Brenda requested that if it is decided to repair and and reinstall it, could it not be installed on the pole as opposed to the new roof and then when the new siren is installed then take the old siren down and donate it to the Fire Museum in Yarmouth.
Bill Nauss still feels that he made a motion and that he feels that the old siren should be repaired and go back up.
Brenda Mulrooney feels that with the new siren we need to get with the new technology and rely on the new technology.
5.0 Business arising from previous Minutes (continued)
a) Siren (continued)
Iris Tolliver stated that if the old siren is to go back on the roof then the Company that installed the new roof, must install the siren to keep the warranty valid. Anyone walking on the roof when it is wet has to have soft soled shoes.
Brenda Mulrooney stated that then another Commission motion is going to be thrown aside, a new motion made, and the Commission then cannot steer a straight path at all.
Chair Zinck stated there is a motion made and it has a seconder; Chair Zinck asked for a show of hands for approval. The result was the motion was carried.
Brenda Mulrooney asked if a legal opinion could be sought where there was a report from Hearing and Speech.
Discussion was held.
Iris Tolliver stated that it was just asked to her if the original motion from two years ago, may have to be rescinded first. If yes, then the motion can be rescinded. If no, then the motion stands. Iris Tolliver stated another motion to fix the siren needs to be made or else it will have to wait until she finds out if the original motion needs to be rescinded.
MOTION: Whereas, the siren at the Chester Fire Hall was damaged during construction of the new roof, I Bill Nauss move that the Village of Chester Commission shall make all necessary repairs to the siren, with a color match to the roof to a maximum of $2000.00.
Michael Heisler asked if we would be looking at the roof installers to pay to have it fixed. Iris Tolliver stated that it is not covered under their insurance as there was a waiver stating they aren’t responsible.
Michael Heisler would like Iris Tolliver to call them and hear back from them first.
Michael Heisler asked if there are funds available to cover the cost; Iris Tolliver said there are funds in the contingency.
Michael Heisler seconded the motion. Chair Zinck asked for a show of hands for approval. Motion Carried.
Brenda Mulrooney was against the motion.
c) Roof
Bill Nauss stated that in most construction projects would have a post-mortem assessment to see if anything was done wrong so that future projects could avoid the pitfalls.
MOTION: Whereas the installation of the new roof occurred at the Chester Fire Hall, I Bill Nauss, on April 8, 2015, move the Village of Chester Commission conduct a project post-mortem review of all aspects of the project, including but not limited to, contractor selection, associated documentation and performance, damages to

Iris Tolliver – Legalities on previous motion
Motion – Siren
Iris Tolliver

Motion – review
5.0 Business arising from previous Minutes (continued)
c) Roof (continued)
the Commission property, including accident investigation, and of which may make suggestions to the Commission to benefit future projects. There was no seconder, the motion was lost.
Iris Tolliver stated she would sit and go over the chain of events with Bill Nauss. Bill Nauss felt that OH& S Committee felt a post-mortem needs to be carried out.
d) HR
Bill Nauss believes a review needs to be done on every position the Commission has, and would like to see a by-law struck by the Human Resource Committee and the Commission to cover what is covered by Clerk Treasurer, Village Coordinator and Administrative Assistants job and set a date that the position come up for tendering out every two years (not the Clerk Treasurer’s position).
Iris Tolliver felt legal opinion should be sought on this issue.
Brenda Mulrooney stated that there were several HR Committee meetings and the last meeting was with the Head Hunter used for the Village Coordinator’s position, who told us what is needed to be an effective HR Committee and how we are supposed to support our employees.
Brenda Mulrooney stated that they have several evaluation sheets so the HR Committee should have a meeting first and then come forward with some suggestions.
A date was set for April 15, 2015 for an HR Committee meeting.
6.0 Reports
a) Fire Chief’S Report
Since the last meeting CFD had 3 call outs consisting of 1 control burn, 1 alarm and 1 chimney fire.
The officer’s positions are up for election this month and it has been a very interesting first year as Chief.
The annual banquet will be held at the Chester Legion on April 25, 2015 and by all reports there will be a large turnout.
The department will be looking for direction on the launch date of the fire boat.
Three members are almost done with their Level 1 training.
MOTION: Brenda Mulrooney moved, Bill Nauss seconded, the acceptance of the Fire Chief’s report. Carried.
b) Financial Report
Chair Zinck stated there were no financial reports.
Motion – LOST

HR Committee meeting date

6.0 Reports (continued)
c) FAC
Bill Zinck reported that they made a committee to review the Terms of Reference for the Municipal Fire Advisory. The first meeting was last night, April 7, 2015, and Bill is on the committee.
7.0 New Business
a) Posting agenda item details online week prior to meeting.
Chair Zinck stated that he would like to see the agenda posted one week before the meeting for people to review, along with any policies that we would be forming or items that we would be talking about. In the past the public would ask to speak on an agenda item, that could be eliminated and then it could be put into the question period. Unapproved minutes could be posted one week after the meeting. The last thing would be the minutes, financial, agenda, and any policies would be in the package to the Commissioners one week prior to the meeting. Chair Zinck stated a motion is needed to do that.
MOTION: Bill Nauss moved, Michael Heisler seconded, that we post the agenda of the upcoming meeting, one week before, which will include policies, bylaws and any supporting documents, and unapproved minutes posted one week after the meeting, and packages to the Commissioners one week before the next public meeting with any supporting documentation. Carried.
Iris Tolliver stated that several Commissioners mentioned that the minutes on the website are very scrambled. Iris is looking into providers and will be looking into this issue at that time.
b) Purchasing Policy
We are going with a purchasing policy, under #11, tendering guidelines (a) tenders for purchased …. when value to be greater than $20,000. Chair Zinck would like to see the change to be greater than $10,000 as per the MGA procurement procedures.
Chair Zinck would like to make the motion, so he passed the Chair role off to the Vice-Chair, Michael Heisler.
MOTION: Bill Zinck, moved, Bill Nauss seconded, to make the change to the purchasing policy that the Commission shall call for tenders for the purchase of goods or supplies of services or some combination thereof, when the value is expected to be greater than $10,000.00 and to follow the MGA procurement procedures.
Vice-Chair Heisler asked if there were any questions on the motion.
Brenda Mulrooney asked if this would affect any other policy that would use $10,000.00 as a guideline in the purchasing policy. Bill Zinck and Iris Tolliver said nothing else would be affected.
Vice-Chair Heisler asked for a show of hands. Motion Carried.
Bill Zinck resumed to the position of Chair.

Motion re posting on website – Iris Tolliver
Motion – Purchasing policy
8.0 Requests for Proposals
a) Feasibility Study Proposals
Chair Zinck opened the RFP received.
One was received for the amount of $20,000.00 plus disbursement and applicable tax.
Discussion was held on going to Township.
Bill Nauss asked if it could be tabled until it can be discussed at the April 22, 2015 Public Forum meeting.
Chair Zinck said the RFP will be tabled till the next meeting and will talk about it at the Public Meeting.
9.0 Any Other Business
a) Clerk Treasurer’s Report
Iris Tolliver stated the AGM is scheduled for Tuesday, May 26th, 2015, and will be held at St. Stephen’s Parish Centre.
Village Election Dates:
Nomination day, April 22nd/15
Advance Poll, Saturday May 2nd, 2015, 11:00 am to 7:00 pm – which will be held at Village Office, 27 Pleasant Street
Election Day, Wednesday May 6th, 2015, 9:00 am to 7:00 pm -which will be held at Village Office, 27 Pleasant Street
All dates are posted on the Website and in the paper this week.
A newsletter will be sent out soon. The petition will be added to it and if Commissioners wish to have anything else included in the newsletter, let Iris know.
Once the Candidates have submitted their nomination papers, then the Candidates could place their platform in the newsletter.
The extra green cart pickup will begin tentatively June 8th, 2015, and end September 21, 2015; these dates will be confirmed with GE Trucking next week.
Public washrooms open May 1st, 2015 and close November 11, 2015.
The Fire Hall insulation will be replaced Friday, April 10/15.
The Christmas wreaths have been taken down. When taking down the wreaths it was noticed that a lot of the number decals were missing. Iris will be looking at pricing for a new set of numbers. This cost will be taken out of Contingency.
The speed sign is nearly ready to be placed and so Iris has requested a meeting with Sergeant McQueen.
Iris had received a call re the Investigation of Conflict of Interest by the Attorney General’s office. The Solicitor representing the AG’s office is Lindsay Jardine and she requested various documents relating to the investigation.
MOTION: Brenda moved, Bill Nauss seconded, the receiving of the Clerk Treasurer’s report. Carried.

RFP tabled till April 22/15 meeting
AGM – May 26/15
Nomination Day – Apr 22/15
Advance Poll – May 2,/14

Election Day Poll – May 6/15
10.0 Correspondence
a) There was no correspondence to report.
b) Brenda Mulrooney
Brenda stated that she will not be reoffering in May for the Election. It has been a pleasure serving on the Chester Commission and hopes that whoever comes in through the next election will be mindful and support everyone in the Village.
Chair Zinck thanked Brenda for her last six years of being a Commissioner for the Village.
Chair Zinck said he was unsure if Wynand Baerken is reoffering, but if he is great, if not then he wished to thank him for his time of being a Commissioner.
Chair Zinck adjourned the regular monthly meeting at 8:23 pm.
11.0 Questions from Electors
> Trudy Payne, Walker Cut:
1 – Trudy asked why the financials wouldn’t be put on the website.
2 – Has a legal opinion been sought on the roofing contract when the siren was accidently dropped: Iris stated legal opinion has not been sought
3 – if there is a Newsletter coming out before the April 22 public meeting, she would suggest the Township agenda item to made aware to the residents that it will be discussed.
1- Chair Zinck stated at this time there would not be an answer of the financial, but an answer will be sought.

 Carol Nauss, Main Street:
Why can the petitions not be picked up and signatures counted. Iris stated that the signatures to date will be counted and put on the website. Chair Zinck said the number of signatures will definitely be reported on April 22 Public Forum meeting.

 Ray Cambria, Central Street:
Ray asked for clarifications on the motion to repair the siren: Bill Nauss stated the first motion was to repair the siren and paint it and put on the roof. The second motion was to repair the siren. The first motion is going to be sought on the need to rescind or not, the motion of 2 years ago. Chair Zinck stated the motion was to repair the siren to the state before the drop, to a maximum of $2000.00.
Ray commented on the repairs as cosmetic and when the generator was put in it was sized to start the siren or cover the lights in the hall. Ray suggested before the repairs are carried out, it should be checked if it will actually start.
Ray questioned the 50 year warranty on the roofing, but do we have an engineer’s word that the building will last 50 years. Chair Zinck stated that no there is not an engineer’s report.
11.0 Questions from Electors (continued)
 Trudy Payne, Walker Cut:
Trudy felt that the 2 year old motion would have to be rescinded until it is in contradiction.
Discussion was held.
Chair Zinck stated that the legalities will be checked out on the motions.
Carol Nauss stated that when it goes back up it wouldn’t have to work, just put it back up for the history and ambiance of the building but nice to have a backup if needed.
 Nancy Hatch, Central Street:
Nancy asked if an answer on the financials question by the Public Forum meeting on April 22, 2015. Chair Zinck stated that he is hoping to have the answer at the Commission meeting prior to the Public Forum meeting April 22/15.
 Dave Richardson, old Trunk 3:
Dave questioned the tower location, who came up with it and why would they put it where it is going. Chair Zinck stated Eastlink came up with the location.
Iris stated that when Eastlink digs the hole, the fill will be used to make more parking space.
Chair Zinck stated that at the last discussions Eastlink said they were going to try to push the pole back as far as they could to eliminate taking as much of the parking area as possible.
Dave questioned the article he read about a Mutual Aid agreement with MODC. Chair Zinck stated that the Mutual Aid agreement for all 6-7 departments was signed at FAC meeting. It is a mutual aid agreement between the 6-7 departments, there is no automatic aid included.
Dave asked if Shawn came up with any information on the rehab trailer. Iris stated no, he is sick at present.
Dave stated there was no report from Shawn in the last three months and questioned if he was going to have a report.

 Carol Nauss stated, on behalf of all of the electors, a “Thank-you” is extended to Brenda Mulrooney for her years of service as Commissioner service in caring for the Village and concern for Chester.
12.0 Adjournment
There being no further questions, Chair Zinck adjourned the monthly meeting at 8:35 pm.

_________________________ _______________________
William Zinck Maxine Veinot
Commission Chair Administrative Assistant

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