Committee of the Whole Minutes November 16, 2016

Election of Chair and Vice Chair This item was postponed until later in the meeting.

JFAC Report
The Chair of the Joint Fire Advisory Committee, Robb Manuel, was present as invited to speak with the Commission of its report. Commissioner Hatch declared her conflict as part of the Committee that is responsible for the report.
Mr. Manuel began by expressing his hope that the Commission has had enough to review the report and can hopefully make a decision tonight. He stated that after an orientation and visit to the Fire Hall, the Committee’s focus is on equipment replacement. After taking time to research whether there is a need for replacement, the rationalization is that there is a need because of providing support to both the Village residents as well as residents in the outside area. Also having a superior shuttle service benefits all residents by a reduced insurance rate. If we lose the rating, businesses and residents will experience an increase in insurance rates. With the potential for property loss in mind, the JFAC considers their recommendation to be well founded.
Dave Foley asked if VOC provided JFAC with resources and support during their deliberations. Mr. Manuel’s response was that the Clerk has been very helpful in getting them the information that they needed. Mr. Foley then asked if there was any way we could have better assisted you in your decision making such as provide an independent professional report. Mr. Manuel remarked that one thing noted was the absence of a long term plan. It may be helpful to have someone provide advice on what may be needed for a fire hall.
Mr. Foley also asked if during their deliberations if the Committee formed any opinions for the reason on the condition of the tanker. Mr. Manuel replied that they did ask questions but ultimately it was determined to me a “hard use” vehicle.
Mike Heisler asked Mr. Manuel to confirm that currently water will run out after 15 minutes and without the tanker that drops to 7 minutes. Mr. Manuel confirmed that to be accurate.
Tom Mulrooney asked where they sourced information on shuttle service insurance. Mr. Manuel sells insurance and they also got information on line.
Dave Foley asked if JFAC was presenting the same recommendation to MODC. Mr. Manuel confirmed that was correct and added that he will be recommending support for VOC. He stated that the Municipality cannot meet the FUS standard without the replacement tanker.
Tom Mulrooney recommended bringing in Terry Redden to determine if a truck is needed. Mr. Manuel objected to the Commission not accepting JFAC’s report, although he did admit that such a report would be helpful for future planning.
Mike Heisler felt that calling in John (Terry) Redden would be unnecessary. “ JFAC has made good points so why don’t we listen to them?”
Tom Mulrooney pointed out that like the Commissioners, the members of JFAC are not experts. Dave Foley stated that he wished to hear from MODC. He suggested the Clerk ask the CA what proposition she is prepared to take to council. Also what degree of participation they would have in a fire truck that benefits the entire Municipality. He went on to express his concerns over the needs assessment:
1. Should be higher testing threshold
2. Two week window insufficient for all residents to respond (ie. Snowbirds)
3. Ambiguous condition on project’s end (VOC should be part of decision process)
4. Will surveys be coded to ensure only one response per PID
5. Will survey be available on line
6. VOC will consider a maximum contribution of $30K or 50% of study cost (which ever is less)
7. Minimum of 3 quotes required.

Direction to the Clerk: To send Tammy Wilson an email tonight outlining these concerns that she can present to Council tomorrow.

Meetings and Proceedings Policy
Bill Zinck wished to have item 23 changed to read “The COW shall be chaired by any Commissioner other than the Chair of the Commission. The COW Chair should be a one year post. Once this change is made the Employee’s Handbook will be approved. The Commissioners Handbook will be discussed at the next COW on Dec 5/16.

Election of Chair and Vice Chair
An election was held to elect the Chair and Vice Chair. Bill Zinck nominated Dave Foley as Chair, he accepted. A show of hands proved all were in favor. Next Mike Heisler nominated Bill Zinck as Vice Chair. He accepted and again a show of hands proved all were in favor.
There were three calls for nominations for both the Chair and Vice Chair positions.

The meeting was adjourned by Tom Mulrooney at 8:50pm.

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